Just Add One Concept from The Canned Food Alliance

Yep…there I am. On Set.

Last week I had the amazing privilege of sharing the new Just Add One concept with thousands of people across the country.

But first, what is this new Just Add One concept all about?!

  • It’s about just adding one canned ingredient to a family favorite recipe…to enhance the flavor, add nutrients, color and texture.
  • It’s about saving time.
  • It’s about saving money.
  • It’s about bringing your family around the dinner table.
  • And it’s about adding flavor, nutrition and zest to your meals, in a low-cost and time-saving way.

Just Add One.

  • Take your family’s favorite spaghetti sauce recipe.  Give it a new flavor by just adding 1 small can of sliced tomatoes.  Bold, new taste in less than a minute.
  • What can we add to lasagna?! Stir in a can of spinach to the sauce before assembling the lasagna. Extra green veggies into your meal and no one will notice.
  • Make your favorite Chicken Soup and add a can of low-sodium carrots, or cut green beans. You get a boost of flavor, nutrients and color.

Starting to get it!?  Just Add One.

Last Tuesday, I stood on the set you see above for what’s called a Satellite Media Tour with the Canned Food Alliance to share with the world their new Just Add One concept.  During the “media tour” I was on the set for 5 hours, doing interviews with news stations and radio stations, both locally and nationally, sharing this great new Just Add One concept with everyone.  Coast to coast in 5 hours.


Above is my briefing book for the media tour. And in it, I’m referred to as “The Talent.” I’m not going to lie…it felt kinda nice to be called “the talent,” but then I humbled myself and asked just to be Erin. And then things were normal.

I’m so beyond honored to be working with the Canned Food Alliance and their new Just Add One concept.  This is a concept that every home cook can put into practice TONIGHT!  I’m planning on Just Adding One can into tomorrow night’s dinner…it wasn’t in my original plan for the recipe, but I’m adding it anyways…fiber!  You’ll have to wait for the recipe…coming tomorrow.

So go take a peek in your pantry and see what cans you have that might help.  And if you’re feeling uninspired, check out the virtual “wheel” of ideas at Mealtime.org.  You can also find their Top 20 Just Add One Recipes…our new favorite breakfast is on this page…any guesses!?

My hope is that you’ll be inspired to add a punch of flavor and nutrition to your next meal with this new Just Add One concept from the Canned Food Alliance!

Disclosure: I wrote this post while working with the Canned Food Alliance as a part of the “Just Add One” program. I was compensated for my participation in the program.


  1. says

    I had no idea there was even such a thing as the Canned Food Alliance. They must love me, even though they don’t know me… I’d say like 60-70% of my recipe ingredients come from cans, haha! A busy girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do!!

  2. LisaE says

    While I try not use to products from a box, bag, or can too often, if I am going to use one of those items it is usually from a can. It is easy to drain off the liquid and rinse well to reduce sodium. I tend to use a can of baked beans in my chili or into a ground sirloin-baked bean type casserole.

    I haven’t thought about using canned spinach but may have to give it a try!

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