Jim Gaffigan’s Daddy Dog

Have y’all heard of the comedian Jim Gaffigan?

I was introduced to him by a friend from church…she posted this video to my FB page…a few weeks before Austin was born. She knew we were weeks away from having 4 kids and thought I might like to know what I was really in for.

So I watched.

And I nearly wet my pants watching it.

Really, I did.

Having a large baby sitting on my bladder, watching this guy tell his jokes is just a combination for disaster. But thankfully, I was lying down while watching it and I spared myself the embarrassment of wetting my bed. And that thought, then spun out of control and I became paranoid that my water would break in the middle of the night and I would ruin my mattress…but I digress.

Here is the 4 Kids video…watch at your own risk. Especially if you are pregnant, or have a weak bladder.

So now my husband and I are JG fans…and I really enjoy watching his videos much more now, without the risk of incontinence, as there is no longer an 8 lb baby sitting on my bladder. So we were watching a few videos the other night and came across his “Daddy Dog” video. I, of course, laughed and laughed…and decided that his ‘Daddy Dog’ might be worth trying.

I dunno.

Thoughts? Any other JG fans out there? Anyone else relate to the “4 Kids” video? But most importantly, who’s willing to give the ‘Daddy Dog’ a try?!?

Happy weekend y’all!


  1. Mary says

    I fell in love with JG a few years ago when I saw his stand up on HBO…especially the camping segment was as funny as this one. This 4 Kids one is hysterical also, even tho my kids are all grown. He is just sooo funny, thanks for sending it. I don’t think the DAddy Dog sounds bad, except I don’t like bananas.

  2. Cheryl says

    I made ‘daddy dogs’ for my 2 boys for lunch before, i got sick of trying to cut the banana into long slices for the sandwich LOL (’cause they can’t be small circles, ya know, that’s just ….wrong mom’)
    But our fav combo is nutella, PB & banana YUMMY!!!!!!

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