Jean Chatzky and St. Martins Press

**Update:  Listen to a clip from the radio show here!!!  Thanks Dana!

On Wednesday morning, I woke up while the sun (and most of America) was still sleeping.  I was quite surprised by the number of truckers out driving at 4:30 am!  I caught the 6 am flight to NYC. {still rubbing my blurry eyes}

The reason for my trip: A radio show interview on Oprah Radio Sirius XM radio with Jean Chatzky, followed by meetings with my editor and team at St. Martins Press!

For those who don’t know Jean Chatzky, she is a financial genius!  She appears weekly on the Today Show as their financial contributor, as well as, daily on the Oprah Sirius XM radio channel.  And authoring books, and appearing on other shows.  She’s sorta busy!

I was thrilled to come on the show with her, as I have watched her on the Today Show for years!  And by years, I mean.  Years.  (And Jean, she doesn’t look a day over 30!!!) 

Jean and I chatted with Melissa about mommyblogging, the business of mommyblogging, how to make money blogging, etc.  We had a lovely conversation about how things got started around here, how the site has grown, and how I ended up with a cookbook deal!

Here is where I need to apologize!  I had NO idea that the show was LIVE.  I thought it would be taped and I could tell you all about it when it was scheduled to air.  So, my deepest apologies for not letting you know (in the event you wanted to listen!).

While on the show, Jean shared one of her favorite recipes with everyone, and I’m sure it’s under $5!  Spaghetti with Clams…Yum!!! 

 Also, I wanted to share with you a very cool opportunity (for those living in or around NYC!)…Jean is looking for mom/family’s in need of a “mini-money makeover”!   It involves an appearance on the Today Show in September…all the details can be found here!

After we finished the radio show, I headed down Broadway to St. Martins Press (SMP).  I enjoyed a lovely lunch with my editor, followed by a stroll through the green market, and then meetings with some of the others I’m working with at SMP.

I am SO blessed to be working on this cookbook with such wonderful and supportive folks.  I am thrilled for the release of the book (early January 2010), and will fill you all in with more specific and exciting details as the time draws closer!


  1. says

    Aren’t you a bunch of months pregnant??? I am quite impressed at your ability to fly cross country and grow another human being at the same time! 😉 Congrats on a great trip!

    • says

      Not quite a “bunch of months” yet…getting there 😉 I have a bit more traveling to do still…and then will settle in before baby!

  2. Dana says

    You may have already know this, but you can listen to an 8-minute clip of the Jean Chatzky show from Wednesday on Click on ‘radio’ at the top of the page, then click on ‘show archives.’ I enjoyed listening to it!

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