It’s Pizza Week Y’all!!!

Yep…that’s right! All things pizza this week. I think I just gained 3 lbs. thinking about it!

Actually…probably won’t gain that much. That’s one of the things I love about homemade pizza. You get to control it, how large it is, how many calories it has, and how much grease runs off it. You decide how much wheat flour in the crust. You decide how much cheese. You decide the toppings. You can make a healthier version of your favorite delivery places…and sometimes in the same amount of time it takes to deliver.

(As long as you get the dough for the crust started in time, and let a bread machine do all the hard work for you!)

Recipes from me this week will be…

Blast from the Past – Pizza Recipes

Pizza Crust – How Tos

And the rest of the pizza recipes featured here on $5 Dinners!

Hope y’all enjoy Pizza Week!

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