It’s A….


The Official News!  And there was no mistaking!!!  I’m forever a mom of 3 boys…and I love it!


Baby’s adorable little feet!  I can’t wait to nibble on his little toes!


And the full view outline of baby…head to toe…almost in a complete circle!

This little guy is a wiggle worm…the sonogram took twice as long as it should have because he kept moving all over the place and the tech couldn’t get the best shots for measurements, etc.  I do believe I’ll have my hands full with this one…plus the other 2!!!

So…We have NO idea about names…

If you feel so inclined, please share a boy’s name with us…of course I could just pick up a “baby names” book…but this will be more fun! 

Remember: Last name Chase…so Chase for a first name won’t work 😉

Can’t wait to hear your name ideas!!!


  1. Heather says

    congrats. 2girls and 2 boys. Jacob was to be my first boys name but uncle and aunt used it first. We narrowed the list to Alexander, Christopher and Dominick. Just found out that Dominick means of the Lord and that is what he is. Funny how the name seems to pick the child.

  2. Janae says

    Congratulations! My good friend just gave birth to her 3rd boy, Rowan. My favorite boy names are Quinn (my son), Carsten, Benjamin, and Alexander.

  3. Lisa says

    Congratulations!! I have 2 sons and 1 daughter and would love 2 more sons!!

    My favourite boys names are Noah, Joseph & Issac. :)

  4. Angela says

    Well, my son’s name is Jack Patrick, and our next boy will be Sam Weiss. If I have a 3rd boy, I’d probably go with Michael Hunter. All of those are family names (and oddly enough, Jack Patrick’s is the name of the bar my husband and I met at for our first date, which was blind).

    Other names I like: Luca, Isaiah, Reed, Grant, Rhett, Owen, Henry (also like McHenry). I like shorter names for boys, and *usually* something that is classic and sounds good when they are little or grown up. ALthough, if I have a Michael, I’d probably call him Mikey when he was little :)

  5. Midge says

    I love Jaxson Thomas …. or Kayden Tyler …. I named my boys William Matthew and Konrad Alexander …

  6. Midge says

    I typed in Congrats and keep trying for that girl … but it didnt show up .. humm … well … here it is again! lol

    Congrats and keep trying for that girl!!!

  7. Nora Fraser says

    Hey! Congrats. I am a mom to three boys ages 15, 10 and 8. Would not have it any other way. I love my boys, they are the best.

    I would really have no idea what to do with a little girl at this point. Though that bridge will never be crossed as my baby days are officially over.

    Again, congrats on your little boy.

  8. says

    I will be having my 6th child in September, my 4th boy. My boys’ names are
    Christopher Michael
    Zachary David
    Alexander Christian
    and the newest one will be Nicholas Jude.

    I get the most compliments from Zachary David. It just flows so nicely off the tongue. In fact, while I call the other boys CJ and Alex, I usually call Zachary by both his first and middle.

  9. Kristin Hunteman says

    We had 3 girls, but if we would have had a boy his name would have been Alexander William or William Alexander. Will Chase sounds funny, so you are welcome to Alex!!

  10. Laura says

    Since you have so many serious replies already posted, I don’t feel so bad posting ‘funny’ suggestions. Here goes: Low Speed or High Speed (since you already feel you’ll have your hands full with this one).

    Seriously, CONGRATS on Baby Chase #3! Can’t wait to meet the newest member of the church family.

  11. says

    So cool that you and Crock Pot Lady are preggers with baby #3! Awesome!
    You are a super mom!
    Baby names…. hmm
    Im a bit of a freak that loves weird names like Horatio and Phinneas – i get weird looks but I can gaurantee no one else will have that name in said kids class! :-)

  12. Patti says

    Wow, how exciting! And you’ve already received so many great suggestions.
    With your last name being one syllable, a three-syllable first name has a nice flow to it (Alexander or Zachary come to mind).

    Maybe you could narrow it down to your top 5, based on reader suggestions, then have everyone vote on those :)


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