It is Finished!!! – 3 in 30 Recap

3in30 Challenge

I don’t say this often. (Because I generally think of myself as a humble person.)

But I’m proud of myself.

If I can be so bold to say that, because I really am. I did something this month that I never dreamed possible. And it didn’t kill me!!!

I have long been a lover of cookies, brownies and anything sweet. I have tried a number of times to “give it up,” but just was never in the right place in my life or in the right frame of mind to actually do it successfully.

I took a leap at the beginning of the month and made 3 goals for the month of August.

  • Eat no sugar and no wheat flour.
  • Finish the One Dish Dinners Manuscript.
  • Exercise 3 times a week.

Goal #1.

With the exception a few mindless licks and bites of the kid’s snacks that had some “cane juice”…I managed to get through the month without a bite of dessert…or sugar. It was really an experiment to see if I had more energy while not eating sugar.

Here is my answer to that…I had more energy, yes. I also found a bit more clarity in my thinking and my daily productivity was up. But probably what I value most, I have a much better sense of my fatigue level and found myself sleeping more soundly and waking up more rested. I fell asleep quickly, I felt when I was tired and sat down to rest, I could better sense when I needed to go to bed…and had many a 9 pm lights out nights! (I’m usually up til 11 pm – midnight!)

I do plan to continue this…with maybe a treat once a month. Because I do believe that moderation is important…and a simple treat once a month is perfectly reasonable!

Goal #2.

The One Dish Dinners cookbook manuscript is FINISHED!

6 months of recipe testing, writing, recipe tweaking, writing…and the final product is ready to send in.

The only reason that I haven’t sent it to my editor…he is “swamped in” at his vacation home in Massachusetts after Irene blew through. So I will send it in after Labor Day, when he is back in the office.

Goal #3.

I spent much of the first week of the month in front of the computer working on the manuscript, while my mom took care of my kids. So I didn’t get out much to exercise that week.  But since then, I’ve been to the gym at least 2 times a week…with another exercise session of walking with the stroller, or doing weights at home.

Overall, I really like Ashley’s 3 in 30 approach of making 3 big goals to accomplish each month…and I have my own 5-10 “smaller” goals each week that I try to get done in addition.

Did you accomplish any goals this month?! Do you have any for next month you’d like to get done?!


  1. SugarMags says

    Good for you! I’m proud of you too, and appreciate the inspiration. My goal this month is to keep the kitchen clean long enough for my kids to have the opportunity to put their dishes in the dishwasher! Normally I scold them for leaving dirty stuff in the sink, but the fact is, they have no where else to put them, and can’t access the sink to rinse them. They stopped even checking to see if the dishwasher was empty. So my goal is to run the dishwasher every night at bedtime, and clean it out in the morning before they eat breakfast. In order to do THAT, I also had to have them make their own lunches at night, so I have enough TIME in the morning to clean out the dishwasher! :) So far we’re on week 3 of this plan, and it’s working GREAT!!! They are making lunches, rinsing dishes and putting them in the dishwasher. The sink is clean more than not, which makes me so much happier — and makes it easier to tell which one of the four kids is responsible for NOT cleaning up their dishes!! :)

  2. Jason says

    Great job! Goal #1 is impressive in today’s society. I’ve done that and gone one step further by eating Paleo for a few months and it’s truly amazing how much mental clarity and positive attitude and overall energy you have when you don’t eat junk (sugar, processed foods, grains). Not only that, but it makes losing weight the easiest thing ever! Hopefully the word gets out and many others do the same. Otherwise our country’s health is going down the tubes.

  3. Debra Gallagher says

    Awesome, but I couldnt find anywhere about how much weight you lost? Was this a weight issue or just a eating healthy issue?

  4. says

    Good for you! I have recently been doing “30 day trials” where I try something for 30 days just to see what happens. Back in May I decided to do 30 days of vegan and liked it so much that I have stuck with it – minus a few slip ups here and there. I am now in the midst of a 30 day trial of an acid-alkaline diet that relates health and well being to the pH of your body.

    You have inspired me to set some new goals and “trials” for the month of September :)

  5. says

    Wow, I’m so impressed, good for you! I crave sugar EVERY SINGLE DAY. And I usually give in. I also sleep terribly at night. Maybe I should give it a try!

    So impressive, seriously. You SHOULD be proud of yourself!

  6. says

    I quit my job to freelance fulltime and gained back some of the weight I lost (I know, boo hoo, but I really look icky!) – two isn’t three (you’re a rockstar, Erin!) but I’m happy either way. :)

  7. MKS says

    I’ve tried to have the dishes washed every evening so I will wake up to clean dishes instead of dirty. I believe there were only about 2 night that I didn’t do them. And I’ve gotten back to making my bed every morning. It seems simple, but I am SO not a morning person.

    • says

      It’s the doing the simple things first thing in the morning to get organized that can really make a difference for the rest of the day. And I’m totally with ya on the dishes at night thing…love walking into a clean kitchen in the morning!

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