Introducing…Printables Resource Center

So I’ve introduced all the the printable downloads available here on $5 Dinners…and now they can be found all in one place!

The Printables Resource Center is up and running…

If you haven’t yet printed out planners for your garden, your grocery shopping and your meal planning, then head on over to the Printables page and get your FREE planners and lists!


  1. Rachel Roberts says

    Erin thank you for all your hard work and love. I was following the Body for Life eating plan for most of my meals. Protein, carb, and veggie….your cookbook adds some variety and value to my meal planning. Thanks so much.

  2. says

    I have thought about menu planning before but hadn’t…..I thought it would too hard but I just printed the shopping list with meal planner page. I love how it is laid out easy and clear! I will try my weekly menu planning next weekend(as I have done the shopping for this week) after I look through next weeks sales. I have high hopes it will help my budget as well as the cooking ruts I tend to get in. Thanks!!

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