Introducing – The Kabob Party

Well kids.  It’s like summer today.  Sunny and 80!  Slight breeze!  The PERFECT day for a Kabob Party!

We are off to a friends house for the first (of many) kabob parties this year!  Each family brings something different to put on the skewers and a side dish!  This way you get a tasty variety without one person having to bear the brunt of the cost of the party.

What is your favorite kabob add on?  Or favorite kabob combination?

Photo Credit: Soggy Paw


  1. says

    We love sirloin steak marinaded in italian dressing and soy sauce on skewers with pineapple chunks. We usually serve it with some extra italian dressing on top of brown rice. So good and instantly puts me in the mood for summer.

  2. says

    Easy. Chicken, Pineapple, and Onion is my favorite combonation. I don’t know why I like it so much. But it does seem that food tastes that much better when eaten off a stick!

  3. says

    Mmmmm – Kabobs. I really like to put mushrooms, onions, squash, zucchini, and chicken on mine.
    I’m just about to purchase some metal skewers though as I always seem to burn the wood ones to the point where the goodies are about to fall off and it’s difficult to flip the dang things.

    Have fun at the party!

  4. says

    Mmm… a Kabob party sounds like a great idea to me ~ yum!

    Last year for a kids party I actually made fresh fruit kabobs (not grilled). I put strawberries, grapes, fresh pineapple chunks, and large marshmallows on them. The kids (and adults) gobbled them up! :)

  5. says

    apples! i never would have thought of them, but they cook best next to pork or red meat (cooking them with chicken overcooks them)

  6. Allison says

    I love pineapple on my kabobs! We typically do onion, mushrooms, bell peppers, pineapple, and meat. Yummo!

  7. stacie says

    I just made kabobs with my cousin and his family for dinner on Wed night. We put on red onion, yellow bell pepper, marinated steak-type meat , pineapple and cherry tomatoes. I would have put on mushrooms but we had none. They turned out super delish

  8. jane says

    We love red onions because they get so sweet when grilled. But my microbiologist training makes it impossible for me to put meat & veggies on same skewer. I’m always paranoid the meat will still be raw and salmonella-inducing while the veggies char. We do all meat & all veg and stagger the start times. Perfection!

  9. MH in OH says

    Marinated artichokes! Use the artichoke marinade as the marinade for chicken kabobs, and put the artichokes on the skewers – yum!

  10. says

    kabobbing is our favorite grill “technique” of the summer, and it’s SO easy. We use Italian dressing to marinate the meat and veg, make more than we can actually consume, then the leftovers are incredible the next day for lunch in a salad with field or spring greens – yum!!!

  11. says

    I marinate my chicken with italian dressing, a little white wine vinegar and a dash or two of poultry seasoning. It’s really the perfect marinade for any chicken. I also add mushrooms, ANY colored pepper (it really makes it a colorful dish!), onion and pineapple. I like to serve it over brown rice. LOVE the idea Erin!

    • says

      Yes. It would take a little coordination…you bring the chicken and red peppers, you bring beef and green peppers, you bring shrimp and onions, etc.

  12. Paula says

    We did these tonight!! We did bacon wrapped scallops, large shrimp along with tons of peppers, whole mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and, of course, pineapple (I know much more than $5, but oh so good!)

  13. says

    i love little baby tomatoes! particularly if i use all the dead-headed basil on the grilll (the flowers — let them dry out, then toss them on the grill. inhale). we use 2 skewers per kabob, much easier to turn stuff and grill both sides.

  14. Katrina says

    I’m glad there’s coordination! One time I went to a summer gathering and 3 out of 5 families brought the same side dish – green bean casserole! LOL My family does beef and pineapple kabobs and we love them to death.

  15. Lori says

    Yummo!! I have some peppers in the fridge I might have to do kabobs!! I was planning stuffed peppers, but it got warm and now I don’t want to use the oven!! lol

  16. MaLea says

    my family loves kabobs. in the summer we put watermelon, strawberries, grapes, and cantalope on skewers ,then freeze them. makes a wonderful cold snack on those hot summer days. Another nice frozen treat is to take the stems off cherries, freeze them, then just suck on them like their hard candy. watch out for the seeds with young children

  17. says

    Hooray! We just bought a new grill grate, as ours has been singed and burned and rusted beyond repair (and trust me, I did my best to nurse it along for one more season!), and we’re looking forward to a cookout this weekend. My favorite kabob combo is tofu with white mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, onion slices, and even occasionally little wedges of potato. :)

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