Stockpiling Moms’ Thursday Recipe Spree – Guest Post

We are excited to introduce a new feature at Stockpiling Moms – A Guide to Frugal Living…our first Meme called Thursday Recipe Spree. We LOVE to cook and enjoying sharing recipes with our readers!

In fact, I taught Family and Consumer Science (Home Economics) for 11 years before leaving my career to stay home with my son. I taught Foods, Culinary Arts, Lifeskills, Nutrition and more! We decided to create this Meme to offer the opportunity for our readers to find even more recipes than what we post and for bloggers a place to link up their recipes that they post.

As a blogger I am always looking for opportunities to link up posts. By participating in a Meme bloggers can gain traffic and by linking up, and all of our readers can find new recipes to enjoy. This Meme/Linky is a great opportunity for all bloggers who post recipes to link their recipes weekly so that we can all enjoy recipe hopping from one recipe to the next. At Stockpiling Moms we normally post Frugal Recipes however there is no requirement that you post a frugal recipe to join our Thursday Recipe Spree.

We have decided to post our Meijer Bargain Meal of the Week as our weekly Thursday Recipe Spree post. However you can simply link any recipe (past or present) to the spree to participate. We simply ask that if you participate that you please link back to Stockpiling Moms – Thursday Recipe Spree. It is optional if you want to use our button or not.

That is it! Pretty simple.

We hope to see you at Stockpiling Moms – Thursday Recipe Spree soon!  Come on over, as I’m sure you will find a great recipe!


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