{CLOSED} Hurst Beans Handmade Clay Pot – Giveaway

Yep, that’s right…another chance to win one of these uber-cool clay pots for cooking dried beans from Hurst Beans!

The past few weeks, Ohio has been experiencing some very hormonal weather, complete with hot flashes, cold flashes and a some cranky rain too. Very unusual for January…and it has been a bit confusing for us. When we were out at the park in short sleeved shirts last week (high hit 63!), the kids were insisting that summer had begin. Persistent and insistent.

I had to give them the unfortunate news that summer was not here, that snow was coming, and that likely the snow would be hitting hard! Kinda like a late winter slap in the face. Time shall tell…

I’ve been confused also in the kitchen on what to prepare for our meals…when it’s 63 and sunny…and we’re wearing short sleeves, all I want to do is whip up a quick pasta salad with all my favorite spring and summer veggies. Then the next day it’s high of 27 and all I want is a bowl of warm, comfort food.

Which brings us too…

these Boston Baked Beans. I could so go for a big bowl of these right about now. Warm. Cozy. Comfort food.

I so wish I had a spoon with magical powers that would let me just take a few bites right through the computer screen.

A few helpful bean resources –

Here are the details on this giveaway…

Contest Details

1. Contest ends on Wednesday, February 29th (leap year!) at 5 pm EST. Winners will be announced back here on this post, and notified via email with further instructions.

5. Winner will be selected by Random.org.

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*Disclosure: This giveaway is part of the Hurst beans campaign. I am receiving compensation as part of the campaign. More yummy recipes and 1 more giveaway coming later in the month


  1. Brandi says

    Split Pea & Asparagus Soup. (We eat a lot of beans these days & we really LOVE their recipes and soup mixes!)

  2. KarenLynn Austin says

    I liked hurst beans on fb
    I already follow $5 dinners via email.
    And i would love to try split pea and asparus receipe.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Liz says

    I definetly want to make the 15 Bean Soup- Crockpot recipe i love that thing! i now like them on FB and i subscribed!!!!

  4. Chris says

    15 Bean Soup Crock Pot Recipe
    Liked in RL and on facebook 😀
    Email updates
    I love your site 😀

  5. Jan J. says

    White bean soup with pancetta and swiss chard sounds good to me! Except I will use bacon as pancetta is too much for my single mom budget! We love beans here!

  6. Jo says

    I’ve signed for the recipes/you can never have too many of those…cruised the hurst bean site..picking up new ideas…been cooking grams old recipes for the last 30 years…and I agree with the last person on the comment row..I’m all for the pancetta and swiss chard with beans..I have a lot of frozen chopped pancetta on my freezer door. Our local Kroger swiftly marks down anything getting close to the sell by date…a friend told me which of the stores to go to…not in the fancy part of town and that store doesn’t sell their “gourmet” or pricier ingredients as fast..hence great deals to snag. I have every kind of fancy meats, cheese, pesto, nicer cuts of fresh meat, etc…all safely tucked away for at least 50 if not 75% off the regular price. Mix the “good” stuff with beans and we will feel a little ooooh la la.

  7. Mary E.S. says

    Since my oldest has decided he is vegetarian I am planning to try the 15 Bean Cajun Burgers with Roasted Garlic Aioli.Our last try at veggie bean burgers was a total disaster.

  8. Tammy McIntire says

    I would like to try the The Spanish-American Black Bean Soup and the Boston baked beans! I would love to have the clay pot and hope I win! Thank you for the sweepstakes!

  9. Elizabeth says

    I follow Hurst Beans on Twitter too … great recipe updates on there when I can’t get to my FB acct.

  10. Elizabeth says

    … and I already subscribe to e-mail updates from $5 Dinners. This is a great resource! Thanks!

  11. Candie says

    The Chipotle Lime Black Bean Soup sounds amazing!! I can’t wait to try it. I liked you on facebook and subscribed also. Thanks so much!