How We Saved on our Kitchen Remodel

A peek into our new kitchen

Since becoming debt free, one of big family celebrations was to redo our 40 year old kitchen. Our kitchen was very outdated with a classy green oven and salmon counter tops. We were ready for an upgrade! We spent many months planning our remodel as we saved up the cash to complete the project. We learned a lot of tricks along the way that I thought I would share with you:

  1. Use any resources that you already have. One of our biggest savers was painting our cabinets rather than replacing them. The cabinets are almost 40 years old so they needed a lot of prep work. However, they turned out great! We were also blessed to have my father and my husband do a big chuck of the work. They removed a wall, did our electrical and painted our cabinets. This saved us thousands of dollars on labor.
  2. Coupon! We ordered 10% off  Lowe’s coupons off of Ebay. You can use these coupons at Home Depot or Lowe’s for almost anything (including cabinets and countertop orders). We called a regional store that had better prices than Home Depot and Lowe’s and found out that we could use our 10% off coupons there as well. Using the 10% off coupons saved money on every purchase whether it was large or small.
  3. Shop around. When shopping for appliances, we found that every store ran different rebate promotions. By going to several different stores, we found the store with the best rebate offer for the set that we were looking for. In addition, we saved even more by buying a floor model refrigerator that had a dent on its side. Also, we subscribed to Angie’s List to help us find the best stores and services. We found a great, inexpensive granite company through Angie’s List. We also avoided several companies after reading about reviewer’s poor experiences with them.
  4. Pay in cash. We lived with a very ugly kitchen for years while we paid off debt first. Then we were able to save up the money for our remodel ahead of time. This saved us interest payments and also gave us peace of mind!

How have you saved on home remodeling projects?


    • Dana says

      Sharon, I paid for a clipping service for the eBay coupons. If you would like to avoid this, there are these Lowe’s coupons are in the moving packets at the Post Office on occasion.

  1. D. says

    Did you say that Home Depot and Lowe’s accepts compeditor’s coupons? I have a bunch painting to do and need to replace a ceiling fan (I saw one that I love at HD). How much off was that coupon? 10% or 20%?

    Oh, you can also get that Lowe’s coupon off of their website. It’s kindof hidden in the Just Moved section (or something similarly named).

    Great job on the remodel. You are lucky to have handy family members!!

    • says

      Yes, Home Depot and Lowe’s accept competitor coupons! I used it mainly at Menards (which is a great regional hardware store in my area). The coupon is for 10%. Great tip about the coupon located on Lowe’s website! Thanks!

      I am very, very lucky to have handy family members. I think that my kitchen is my Christmas and birthday combined! :) I also hired a friend of a friend to finish up some details.

  2. Allie Zirkle says

    I subscribe via email. I was confused why Erin was writing about a kitchen remodel so I clicked through to read the article. The individual bio doesn’t come on the email. It’d be great if guest articles indicated the author. Makes me wonder how many other articles I’ve assumed are Erin’s when they’ve obviously been written by someone else.


  3. says

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