How to Upload a Photo

If you are interested in adding a photo of your pantry for the $250 Grocery Store Gift Card Giveaway, then here are the details that will help.

1. Take a photo with a digital camera of the area/areas that need help!

2. Upload the photo to your favorite photo service.






Kodak Gallery

OR whatever photo uploading site you prefer!  Follow the instructions on the site for uploading your photo.

3. Once the photo is uploaded, click directly on to the photo(s) (NOT the album!).

4. Copy and paste the DIRECT LINK(s) to the photo(s) into the comments section.

5. You may post the link as many as 8 times in the comment section, for a total of 10 entries in the giveaway.  (I realize this is tedious, but it’s a chance for $250!!!)

If you don’t have a digital camera or can’t figure out how to upload your photo, then please feel free to enter under #1 and #2.


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