How to Spot a Great Price on Meat

meat prices

Don’t you wish we could still get prices like those?

Reader Question:

Can you let us know what a good deal on meat is? I personally don’t know when to stock up or when to hold off. How much a pound is good on all the meats?

Spotting a great price on any product can be difficult.  It takes time and practice. But what I like about meat prices is that the best ones are usually advertised.  On the front page of the weekly circular.

And sometimes hidden within!

The most expensive aspect to consider when making a $5 Dinner is the meat/protein price (with the exception of vegetarian and “breakfast” type dinners, of course!).  My goal is to keep the overall meat/chicken price at $2.50 or less for the meal.  So that means I have to buy meats/chicken at a certain price or below…or this won’t happen!

I have a mental “never pay more than” list that I pull up each time I’m looking through the store circulars, and even when I’m going through the store.

Here are some examples of great meat SALE prices that I look for when shopping:

  • Fresh Fish – $3.99/lb
  • Frozen Fish – $2.99/lb I usually only buy with a store coupon
  • Pork Chops (bone-in) – $.99/lb
  • Pork Chops (boneless) – $1.49/lb
  • Pork Roast – $1.49/lb
  • Beef Roast – $1.99/lb
  • Beef Stew – $1.99/lb Often can be found cheaper in a “family pack”
  • Ground Beef – $1.49/lb
  • Ground Chuck – $1.89/lb
  • Whole Chicken – $.99/lb
  • Split Chicken Breasts – $1.19/lb
  • Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts/Tenderloins – $1.99/lb

And I’ve always got my eye out for packages that are reduced for quick sale.  I’ll either use right away or freeze right away.  My store tends to mark meats down on Thursday and Friday…and they are usually gone by mid-morning.  Just ask your meat dept. manager when is the best time for markdowns at your store!

*Please note: This prices might be dramatically different if you are living in an area with a higher cost of living.

What are your “stock up” prices for your favorite cuts of meats/chicken? I’d love to hear what sale prices are in other parts of the country!

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  1. gg says

    I’ll buy Chuck/Arm Roast at $2 pound
    Split chicken breasts at .79 per pound or lower.
    Boneless skinless breasts at .99 per pound or lower.
    Ground beef 1.69 or lower.
    Pork Loin $1.49 or lower.
    Pork Shoulder $1.29 or lower.
    Ground pork $1.19 or lower.
    Tbones $4.99
    Beef sirloin, Top Round or Rump Roast $1.99 per pound.

  2. Nikki K says

    Hello! THANK YOU for all of your resources, tips and recipes…it’s seriously a blessing to me! I often struggle to figure out what good/sale prices are, on most foods…especially meat. I noticed this post is from 2009…or has it been updated to at least somewhat reflect 2013 (almost 2014! :) ) Thanks as always!

  3. Jodie says

    PLEASE – If someone knows how to find ground beef that cheap in Idaho, tell me HOW. I’m sitting here going crazy trying to decide if I can buy ground beef for cheaper than $2.99 per pound of 85% ground beef; I can’t imagine it at half price.

    • Julie says

      I am in Idaho, too, in the Boise area. I can’t find inexpensive ground beef, either. On sale it tends to be $2.99 a pound. Let me know if you find a deal! At the Atkinson’s in Hailey, ID they sell family packs of ground beef for $1.69 to $1.99 a pound (depends on the week). I miss that deal!

  4. Deanna Furrey says

    It looks like this post was written in 2009. Food prices have risen quite a bit since then. I would be interested in what your “I don’t pay more than” numbers are now. I usually make a mental note of what I pay but often forget so I think I will start keeping a notebook or something in my purse.

    • Ange says

      Good to notice that the prices have changed since 2009. I thought it was just because I lived in Canada that I never saw these prices! I would also like to see an Updated version. This is a great reference!

  5. Patty says

    Are you serious????? Take every price and (at least) quadruple it and that’s a good sale price in Canada!!! So much for $5 for me.


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