How to Save on Groceries with Checkout51 App


Y’all…there’s another new grocery savings app, Checkout51, out on the market and I wanted to make sure you all knew about it…and start using it!

What I love about this app…

1. It’s simple to use, easy to browse the deals and find the savings.

2. They have a desktop/computer dashboard as well!!! And the desktop and mobile platforms ‘sync’ together when you are logged in to both.

3. Updated offers and savings every Thursday.

4. Bonus offers – $2 for new users who upload a receipt of $2 or more. Scan a receipt of $60 or more and be entered to win $500! (Details on both, within the app.)

Only downside is that the “cash out” threshold is $20…but I imagine within a month or two, most people could hit that if using it regularly!

Another note is that offers may vary by geographical region. What you see in the screenshot above, might be different from what you see in your area!

How to Start Saving with Checkout 51


  • Create an account.
  • Browse the deals. Buy a few items on the list.
  • Scan your receipt.
  • Get reimbursed, after $20 in your account.

And note: The Favado app, as well as the Grocery store deals posted here on the site, will have all the coupons and savings information from Checkout 51 too! 

At this time, from what I understand, you can use a paper coupon while purchasing at the store, as well as get the ‘cash back’ through Checkout51

Every penny counts. Save on, y’all!!!

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