How to Make Perfectly Shaped Muffins


Perfectly Shaped Muffins 1

The “Supplies”

This post is for all you self-proclaimed “Type A”s! It drives me NUTS when the muffins aren’t the same size. NUTS! (Starting to see where my oldest gets most of his OCD tendancies!). I have found a solution. Not only to the “uniformity” issue. But also the “batter dripping” issue!

Perfectly Shaped Muffins 2For regular size muffin tins, use an ice cream scooper…makes perfectly uniform muffins…AND no batter mess along the tops and sides!

Perfectly Shaped Muffins 3Got one of those cute cookie scooper-press thingy-s? Use it for your mini-muffins! Perfectly shaped muffins with no “drippiness” mess!

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  1. Jehan says


    just a little question- i try to avoid canned/frozen vegetables as much as possible, but have been thinking about getting into home canning. do you have any topics on the health vs cost effectiveness of home canning produce from farmer’s markets?

  2. Corrie says

    I have the Pampered Chef scoops and they are awesome for this. The big one is perfect for regular muffins, and the little one fits my mini-muffin tray exactly. They make a great gift, too!

  3. evi says

    Oh I loooove this idea! Thank you! I don’t have ice-cream-scoops but I suppose measuring-cups will work out just fine as well. I will keep the idea at hand for my next muffin-baking-session.

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