How to Clean Your Microwave – Kitchen Inspiration

Want a clean microwave in 5 minutes and no scrubbing?! Adrienne at Crafty Little Gnome will show you how… Also, Katie suggests using lemon juice because it will smell so much better!

Is this how you clean your microwave?!

(I’ve never tried it, but it’s what I’ll be doing from now on!)

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  1. Aaryn says

    That’s my method. Just squeeze half a lemon into a glass measuring cup full of water, dump the half lemon in there as well and “cook” for 5 min. Let it sit for a few minutes and wipe down. Easy and fresh!

  2. says

    Oh holy cow. This is amazing!! It actually got the roof of my microwave clean, something no chemical cleaner has ever done. Any other cleaning-for-dummies tips you can pass along would be much MUCH appreciated, as I am a cleaning dummy for sure! Thank you!!!!

  3. karen says

    ooh great! I wasn’t putting the vinegar for long enough apparently. great!!!! but I bet the lemon would be even better! and no mess! Now if only someone would clean up the house for me….:(

  4. teresa g says

    This was actually the instructions for cleaning that came with my parent’s first Montgomery-Wards microwaves some 30 years ago. I have used this method forever. I prefer the lemon over the vinegar. The smell from the hot vinegar just knocks me for a loop :-)

  5. Amity Chase says

    I only zap the vinegar water for 2 min, then let it sit in the microwave for several more minutes. I actually put the kitchen sponge in the water, too. Disinfects the sponge and we use the vinegar water to do the wipedown. Well, my 9 yr old uses it for the wipedown :-)

  6. Clara says

    I have been using whatever citrus fruit I have used that day for my meals. I will cut up the remaining lemon, lime, orange, etc, into fouths or eights place in bowl of water and zap for five minutes. Let sit for several minutes and wipe down. I then put the used fruit and water down the garbage disposal to give it a fresher sent.

  7. JODI B says

    I seriously just got done cleaning the microwave at work because someone tried to put a chemical cleaner in it!! I was so mad – I might as well put a splash a bleach in my hot tea!! I put some water in a bowl. We have some vinegar but they’d kill me if I used it so I just microwaved the water and it wiped clean!

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