How to Actually Stick to Your Grocery List

stick to your shopping list

There are many difficult things in our daily lives. But there might not be one as difficult to actually buying only what you have written on your list when you are at the grocery store.

It’s hard. Very hard. Nearly impossible, it seems.

There are chocolate bars at the checkout lane that seem to jump off the shelf right into your cart without any assistance from you. There are samples near the deli that cause you to turn your cart back around to go get the blueberry vanilla goat cheese to snack on this week. (Nevermind the other snacks that are already on your list.)

These temptations exist all over the grocery store, even outside the grocery store. Right now, it’s the rows of potted flowers and herbs for the patio or deck. My grocery store also has patio furniture outside, and somehow I always think to myself, ‘oh that bench would be great out front.’ It’s a BENCH, not food. And a BENCH is not on my grocery list, nor would it ever be. It’s not something we can eat, so let’s not be tempted by it. (If I were looking for a bench, I’d start with Craigslist…the grocery store is the last place I’d look for a bench.)

Let’s back up before we get too deep into the grocery store distractions and marketing traps that tempt us on each and every trip. Let’s go to the beginning, so you will be successful in actually sticking to your list.

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