HOT $10 off Printable Coupon for Aldi Grocery Stores


Save on your shopping trip at Aldi with this rare printable coupon for $10 off any purchase of $40+.  Limit one coupon per family.  Valid through 11/15/2013.

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*Disclaimer – this coupon may only be valid at the Aldi stores in KS, MO, AR, NE, and OK.  We are awaiting confirmation and will update if we find out official information.  It is always a good idea to print the coupon and check with your local store.  Feel free to let us know in the comments if your store accepts it!  (Please list the state and major city you are near.)  Thanks!

*UPDATE: We have received word from Aldi’s PR team that this coupon will be honored at all Aldi locations in the US. The coupon is no longer available to print, but anyone who has printed it has until November, 15th to redeem it. If your store says they will not accept it, I suggest that you politely ask the store manager to contact the Aldi corporate office. If you are curious about what exactly happened and why there was confusion, you can read the explanation about the “hidden” coupon that ended up going viral here.


  1. Kerry says

    I just tried using it in the Columbus, Ohio area, and it was refused. Another couponing blog said they were advised by Aldi’s corporate office that the one that says “all Aldi locations” is a fake. So I have no idea. I’m glad some of you got some use out of it!

  2. linda archer says

    when i click on coupon to print, nothing even shows up. wondering what it wrong and how i can get this valuable coupon???

  3. Allison M. says

    I used my coupon tonight in North Carolina (Triad area) with no problems. It scans just fine at the register, but I made sure to ask someone before I filled my cart with $40 worth of groceries.

  4. Randy says

    This is a fake coupon. I am a district manager for the company and I’m sorry for the inconvenience but our stores will not be accepting this coupon.

    • Jim says

      Hey Randy, as a district manager representing the company – you’re trying to tell me that this coupon is a fake, yet the company is distributing it from their official website? (I just downloaded it from which is the website for company operations in the US) – I’m sorry for the inconvenience but your stores will be accepting this coupon or some attorney will have a class action lawsuit against you in no time – consumers won’t benefit, but aldi will certainly pay damages and some attorney will pad his bank account.

      • Eric says

        A class action lawsuit from a fake coupon that is circulating the internet? You really have no idea about anything in life do you? Just because you aren’t getting a FREE $10, doesn’t mean you can go sue someone. It’s people like you that make America what it is today….just greedy self-centered a-holes. Get another job to make more money, do it the right way.

      • says

        Hi Jim,

        I’ve asked Randy to share an official statement from Aldi from his Aldi corporate email account. Aldi doesn’t accept any coupons other than their own, so when one comes out list this, it spreads like wildfire. I imagine that stores all over the country are seeing this coupon and individual store managers are refusing the coupon. Highly unlikely that a class action suit would result, but if it does that would be really unfortunate.

    • KP says

      I just left my Aldi’s in IL and they accepted the coupon. The manager I spoke with said the coupon was intended for certain states, but didn’t state that on the coupon. So, they are honoring the coupon. Even the manager and the employees were using the coupon. They scanned the coupon and it took $10 off. The coupon is not fake according to the manager at my Aldi’s.

    • gb says

      I get a big “NO IMAGE AVAILABLE” from this link. I found out about the coupon from an Aldi employee in MI. However, I can’t find the coupon on the website.

  5. Heather says

    Hello. I used this coupon at an Aldis in Ohio. the register took the coupon and asked for manager’s approval. The cashier called for the floor manager and she approved it and I got 10.00 of my groceries! I say you never know until you try! So try it can not hurt.

  6. Kelly says

    This coupon was posted in error. It is NOT VALID NEW YORK STORES! don’t hassle employees there is wasn’t their fault! Corporate posted it and then advised stores not to accept it!!!!

  7. debbie eversoel says

    Aldi’s said if it would scan they would take it and it didn’t scan when i got to the register SIGH made a specail trip and everything because it isn’t close

  8. says

    How can I print the coupon? When I click on the image it opens a new tab and says “no image available”. I also tried clicking on the blue typed words and I got the same thing……

  9. Helen says

    Great deal, but I can’t print the coupon :( When I click on it it opens a new tab and says No Image Available. Any suggestions?


  10. Sally says

    I used it in the DFW area with no problem at all. I asked the manager about it and he said that’s it is NOT fake, but was released nationwide and it wasn’t suppose to be, but they are honoring it if you print it out. And you can use it each time you go to Aldi as long as it’s before the expiration date.

  11. Mama Owl says

    YES! Rolla, MO accepted this coupon! I was behind someone who had one. Wanted to know how they got it and found it on your site! Can’t wait to use it! Thanks!!!!!!

  12. Sarah Moeller says

    Hats off to the Aldi in FENTON, MO because they honored this coupon, no questions asked, when I told them it was on my phone. Great store!

  13. angela payne says

    I am from germany and love love love to shop at aldi I drive an hour just to go to the store and shop I am so dissappointed that I could not print this coupon

  14. victoria fredrickson says

    I’ve tried everything!!!cannot print this coupon.i clicked on the coupon and comes up as to image available, clicked on the link below the picture of the coupon and again I get no image available.I also tried clicking on the link in the comments that one also shows no image available. I even tried going directly to the aldi’s website,it is no where on the website.Plan on going to aldi’s tomorrow and would like if someone could help me out?

  15. sharon says

    You can still print this out there is ways around it. If you have a smart phone right click and save image then sent to your email and you can print from email.

  16. michelle says

    I have used one each week for the past two weeks the cashier said they have been a great success and aldis is very pleased. the coupon before this one was get a dozen eggs and a pound of bacon free even with no other purchase. Their will be another one after this one expires. very exciting aldis is my favorite store.

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