Homemade Uncrustables- Lunchbox Inspiration

uncrustable sandwiches

Making uncrustables at home just takes a few short minutes and can save you extra money if you avoid buying them at the store.  Check out these easy tips to making these over on Kids Kuisine.


  1. says

    It seems like there would be a better way of doing this. One that isn’t so wasteful. I would cut off just the crust, if that was the issue – then assemble and crimp with a fork if I didn’t have one of those specialized tools. Since the crust was cut off before the PB&J was added, they can be saved in the freezer to use later as bread crumbs or for stuffing.

  2. LisaE says

    When my girls were younger, every Sunday we would make an assembly line. I would cut the circles of the bread, one girl would peanut butter and jelly them, my other girl crimp edges with a fork and place in baggies. We would make a weeks worth, put them in a large ziplock and to the freezer they went. So handy to grab 2 uncrustables out of the freezer everyday and into lunchbags they went.

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