Holiday Gift Guide – High Tech Kitchen Gadgets

So I asked a few weeks (months?) back on Facebook about how many of you use your mobile devices or tablets while cooking in the kitchen…and the number was shockingly high. I went exploring for some widgets, gidgets and gadgets that might make your life with your device in the kitchen a little safer.

(I recently dropped my phone in a bowl of water that was next to the sink…it went straight into a container with rice for 24 hours and survived just fine…but kitchens can be dangerous places for your techy gadgets.)

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So if you have an iPad, there’s this…

iPad Cabinet Mount

Or there’s this option as well…

Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Tablet Mount

And now, for the grill master in your life…

This would be super cool gadget to have out by the grill…Maverick Wireless BBQ Thermometer Set!

And for the food weighers in your life…

How ’bout this Digital Scale with Measuring Cup?

And finally…

just for fun…iTouchless Automatic Pepper Mill and Salt Grinder!

Do you have any high-tech kitchen gadgets on your wishlist this year, or your shopping list for a family member or friend?


  1. teresa g says

    I ordered the salt and pepper mill for my daughter for xmas. Got them in about 2 weeks ago. Really wanted to try them out LOL

  2. Hunter says

    Thanks for the great ideas, Erin; a tablet holder for the kitchen didn’t even cross my mind. My wife loves to cook, and she has been dropping hints that she wants an iPad for recipes, cooking sites, and Pinterest. The iPad is already under the tree, but I wanted to go one better. Working for DISH I know of a way for her to take her favorite cooking shows with her into the kitchen. It’s the DISH Sling Adapter, and it streams live TV channels and DVR recordings to her tablet. It’s one thing to have a nice recipe, but after Christmas she will be able to cook along with her favorite TV chefs.

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