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So I love, love, love talking to my boys about food, making healthy choices, and food around the world. Just this morning, we had a conversation about kids in other countries and what they eat. It was quite the intense breakfast conversation for early on a Monday morning! My oldest was asking questions like, “Where do they get their food?” (Talking about kids in Africa.) “What about kids in South America?” “Are there grocery stores in the dessert?”

And I think Ryan was very interested because he knows he was born in another country…and was really curious about what they ate in the Dominican Republic.

And I love that I can have these conversations with my kids…to engage them, to make them think beyond their own “food world,” to inspire them to think of other.

Another great way to get kids thinking about food, healthy choices and their food world is….

The Healthy Creatures iPad app.

Healthy Creatures allows children to make collages with fruits and vegetables, featuring original artwork by Penguin USA children’s book author and illustrator Jonathan Fenske, Healthy Creatures offers kids a way to express themselves with garden-fresh art. In a world awash in children’s apps featuring donuts, cookies and cupcakes, Healthy Creatures stands apart. The Fat and Appy team has created a very fun and interactive app that is fun for kids, and allows parents to open up the conversation with their kids.

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This week, we’ve got a $25 iTunes gift card to give away to 1 $5 Dinners friend!

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  1. Christopher Sorel says

    by helping them make the right choice with real food and homemade available that is tasty. All parts of the plate are filled with the right veggies, protein and little starch

  2. Beth says

    I plant vegetables in pots around the patio each year for our grandsons to help water and harvest. The biggest hit were the green beans. From seed to bowl on the table, my oldest grandson loved the whole adventure and barely shared “his beans”.

  3. says

    Follow on FB, Twitter, Get Newsletter & Pinned!! My one way of helping my son make good food choices are by only allowing him to eat what I cook and not make him some mac-n-cheese every time like he wants!! :o)

  4. Stephanie says

    When we go to the grocery, I let my daughter pick out a new veggie/fruit in the produce department, that she would like to try. She knows that healthy eating and exercise, is the way to a healthy lifestyle!

  5. Stephanie says

    I love taking them to the farmer’s market so they can see the farmer and talk to them. They can pick out food each week, nibble on lettuce, and mostly get one step closer to where our veggies and fruit come from

  6. Maria perez says

    Start them young and let them help prepare food. Also we do the one bite rule and soon they get used to it.

  7. Nancy says

    Shopping with children at the farmer’s market and letting them pick out new to them fruit and veggies encourages them to make healthy food choices – and it is fun and economical, too!

  8. Sue D says

    I had my kids and now my grandkids help me in the garden so they get excited about eating fresh fruits and veggies.

  9. Sharon says

    We do “food group” meals at our house – the kids have to have something from each food group, so they have to think about what foods represent each group and have them on their plates.

  10. NiCole Lynn says

    I have always cooked well-rounded meals. I told my kids eating that healthy will make them grow big muscles and become super strong.

  11. karen says

    I make it a game to see who can finish their veggies the fastest by making shapes or building something (like edible legos!) Its really fun! They also can dip them with healthy dips like sweetened greek yogurt and it makes it tasty!

  12. Bethany Olson says

    I have a 3 year old and she helps me with dinner – I let her taste test the veggies I chop and since she doesn’t love eating them with meals, she gets them in this way. I let her wash the veggies and help me with seasoning too.

  13. Stephanie O. says

    I try to get my kids to eat good foods by telling them it will help their bodies grow and help them get even smarter. :)

  14. Lisa says

    I encourage my kids to eat healthy and try to set a good example. I try to let them pick fruits and veggies they want for dinner.

  15. Tia says

    I eat what I want my daughter to eat. She’s only 2 so I hope that if I model healthy eating habits she will learn them from me.

  16. Tanya C. says

    We try to get the kids helping in prepare our meals as much as possible and we use the one bite rule when we have something new.

  17. Leslie G. says

    We just always serve them the healthy food… time and time, and try to limit juice and bread at dinner… or they’ll fill up on that.

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (www.facebook.com/GallowayLeslie)