Harvests, Visitors, Plantings & More – SFG Update

Why hello Mr. Caterpillar.

I found this little guy hanging out on the stems of the parsley plant.  You all taught me that this guy will become a yellow swallowtail and that its host plant is parsley.

So the big kids decided that they wanted to keep him.  They babysat him outside until it was time to come inside.  Then we put him into a plastic container with holes inside…and a couple sprigs of parsley plant.

I would have gotten him a butterfly cage to live in the next day…but…but…but…

Despite my many warnings to the big boys to keep him away from Tyler (19 months now), they forgot and Tyler got ahold of him. Literally.

It didn’t end well for this sweet little caterpillar.

The big boys were sad. But they were strong and we were able to turn the situation into a conversation about life, brothers and how delicate caterpillars are. And how little brothers just don’t get that some things aren’t meant to be squished.

The Brussels sprouts are starting to form on top of each leaf stem.

This is very intriguing to the boys because they’ve never seen anything grow like this!

And Lucy gave me some pepper plants – a serrano, carrot chili and a few bell pepper plants.  She, her husband and her cousin have an amazing garden and they have been selling their plants at the farmer’s market up near their house.  I want to be like her when I grow up!

I got these planted this week and still need to get green bean seeds into the ground.  I’ll be planting those in the corner of the planter where the spinach and Romaine lettuce was.  I was able to pick quite a bit of the Romaine, but not much spinach…before the heat got to it!

And the cilantro this year is going crazy. A few seeds managed to “jump ship” out of the patio planters and have nestled their way in between the bricks on the patio. Very weed-ish of it!

Harvest Update

The kale and Swiss chard is ready for harvest. I just need to carve out a few hours this weekend to cook it all up!

There are a few yellow squash growing in the squash patch…won’t be long til I can’t keep up with those guys!


  1. Katie says

    So you can plant something else right where the spinach was? This is my first year with SFG, and I wasn’t sure what to do when the spinach finished so early.

  2. says

    I have tomato and bell pepper plants to put in SFG but weather hasn’t co-0perated. It was 80 degrees on Friday then rained on Sat. I didn’t have a chance to do it Fri. since I was gone to two appointments. Maybe Monday I will plant but first need to pull a few weeds. Weather is about as bad as last year, too cool of a spring. So don’t think I”m gonna add much beyond what I have now.

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