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UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed!

The new book HappyBaby: The Organic Guide to Baby’s First 24 months is filled with eco-friendly parenting tips, green cleaning tips, lots and lots of homemade organic baby food how tos and recipes, and countless other tips and tricks for providing your baby with the safest, greenest, and healthiest first 2 years of life!

I needed a breast-feeding “refresher” and the book contains a thorough section on breastfeeding from start to finish. And for those who are unable to breast feed for whatever reason, the book offers advice and encouragement for selecting the best and healthiest formula for your baby. The bulk of the remainder of the book offers feeding advice for starting solid foods and building a healthy foundation for the rest of baby’s life. I’m looking forward to using the recipes when I make baby food for little guy #3!

Also, the book contains coupons for Seventh Generation diapers, free offer for Happy Baby food product, as well as coupons for a variety of other green and organic baby products!  Gotta love a book that comes with coupons!

Giveaway Details

1. Contest ends Tuesday, November 3rd at 10 pm EST. Winners will be announced back here on this post, and notified via email with further instructions.

2. Entry #1: Leave a comment just saying you want to win.

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4. Entry #3: Share ANY tip or trick that you found helpful in creating the safest, healthiest and greenest environment for your little ones.

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*Disclosure: I did receive a copy of the book in conjunction with this giveaway.  Opinions given are my own.


  1. Corey says

    The best general tip I can think of is be VERY aware of the chemicals in your home, even before the little ones can explore under the sink. Keep cleaning chemicals to a basic brew of vinegar and baking soda (those two things will clean 98% of your home and are not dangerous). Be mindful of petroleum based products (if you’re watching your footprint).

  2. says

    My tip – we always take our shoes off and ask others to as well. Think about what we walk in outside – chemicals on the road, dog poop, etc. That all winds up on your floor and carpets. So taking off our shoes keeps the house cleaner and safer!

  3. says

    As for creating the safest environment for my little one, I just read ALL labels and try to make as much of his food myself so that I KNOW exactly what he is getting.

  4. Amanda Bradley says

    I do not keep chemicals in my house. I use baking soda, vinegar, and other natural products to clean with, thus not creating a hazardous environment for my son.

  5. Jen C says

    My green tip is to make use of the consignment sales. I bought all of my daughter’s winter clothes, 2 sizes worth, for less than $40. The clothes are gently worn and a great way to reuse our precious resources.

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