Ham and Broccoli Breakfast Casserole with Extra-Sharp Cheddar – $5 Dinner Challenge

This week’s $5 Dinner Challenge recipe is a one dish breakfast casserole that I just posted on One Dish Dinners.  I promise not to do this often, as my goal is to post 3 recipes per week here on $5 Dinners and one over there.  But seeing as how I haven’t been in my kitchen for the past 6 days, I’ve got little to share! The kids and I skipped town to this past weekend and I’m still catching up.

This might just be my new favorite egg casserole. It’s got great bold flavors and it’s rich in taste!  The key is using the extra-sharp cheddar.  I ended up buying a block and grating it myself, as it was much cheaper than buying it already shredded!  So if you have sharp cheddar, or mild. on hand…wait to make it until you can pick up some extra-sharp!

So, go dig out that leftover ham from your freezer and get this one dish breakfast, lunch or dinner into the oven!

Now mozzy on over… Ham and Broccoli Breakfast Bake with Extra-Sharp Cheddar!

(Is that how you spell mozzy!? Or is it mozy? Mozi?)


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  1. Sarah @ frontier kitchen says

    I’ll have to try this. I’m always on the lookout for a new way to make eggs.


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