Help for Haiti


The funk is still there. But at least there is a way to help.

My first instinct is to “go”. But that is simply not a reality.

So we shall give instead.

And if the Lord calls us, in a year…or two…or three…we shall go and be the hands and feet that we can’t be in this moment now.

I know many people here are hurting financially.  But you can still help. I’ve read of others planning on just eating rice and beans, and using that extra money they saved to donate.  Skip going out to eat this month.  Stay inside for date night…make a nice meal and rent a movie from the library…and donate what you would have spent.

We are SO blessed in this country, and I have no doubt that each of us can find a creative way to give to those who so desperately need it!

What can you do…

1. Pray. For those hurting.  For those rescuing. For those mourning. For those separated by distance.  For those waiting for news. Pray.

2. Give. We will be giving money directly to a Christian ministry, yet to be decided.

A complete list of ministries who will directly help the people of Haiti.

Let’s get those dollars flowing to those who NEED them. Desperately need them.

If you plan to blog about ways you are helping, be sure to link up at Money Saving Mom and let us know you’ve joined in the Help for Haiti campaign.  I’ll be dropping links and comments all over the place today…and I encourage you to do the same.

Let’s raise some $$$$!!!!!!!

$5 feeds our family dinner.  I know that $5 would feed AT LEAST 10, maybe 20, Haitians!  That being said…

For each link or comment left on this post, Steve and I will donate $5, up to $500, for the relief efforts in Haiti. Simply tell us in what ways you have given, or plan to give to those in Haiti.

UPDATED!  We’ve already hit the $500 goal…thank you!  Please keep leaving comments and linking up, as Steve and I will discuss and plan how we can give long term to the relief efforts!  Perhaps earmarking $ for a trip to help rebuild, or to give again in 6 months, as the need will still be great, long after the media coverage wanes.

Keep linking and commenting on others’ posts…the more comments…the more $$$ raised for those in need!!!

So link up and comment away…


  1. Stephanie says

    Thank you for being so generous and helping those that need it most. I am praying for ALL in Haiti and their families. My church has many missionary families in Haiti and praying they are all okay. Thank you again for your generosity.

  2. says

    Our church is dedicating some time during the weekend services to talk about this tragedy and taking up a special offering. I’m really looking forward to donating this weekend. I can’t imagine going through something so tragic. Bless you for encouraging others to give through your own generosity!

  3. BW says

    I gave through the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America ( website, they are donating 100% of Haiti donations with no overhead fees. They already had people over there who thankfully made it through safely. I too wish I could fly down to be of help, perhaps in the next year I’ll be able to do that.

  4. Traci Garrison says

    My husband and several other missionaries here in the Dominican Republic will be going to Haiti next week with supplies. Please pray for them. We have one man there right now to begin the process of finding a place to set up.

  5. Jennie says

    We donated to the US fund for UNICEF and also to a local (Kentucky)-based charity called Ten Kids whose goal is to provide a safe home, education, etc. to Ten Kids I like the idea of giving to an organization meeting general needs of the people of Haiti and to one meeting the needs of specific children. We are so blessed–I can’t imagine the losses of the Haitian people.

  6. says

    Thank you very much for organizing this effort. Using your blog to raise funds lets everyone help out. So far I have visited every blog that I know that is supporting a fundraising effort. I also plan on visiting local restaurants that are holding fundraisers. (I gave you a little shout out on my blog so hopefully you will get a few more visitors!) Thanks again.

  7. Virginia says

    I did some quick calculations at the time of my post. 29 links plus 60 comments is 89 transations at $5 each is $445. Let me be the next to help you closer to your $500 goal. Wow! $5 I am impressed. Thanks so much. Great blog

  8. Marilee says

    Our church is spearheading a consortium of Protestant relief efforts, so we’ll be donating through them.

    Thank you for your generous spirit!!

  9. Jenn B. says

    You are very generous with your donation. We were able to donate $50 which is our weekly grocery budget. We plan to live off our pantry and freezer.

  10. KLBezooyen says

    thank you for doing this. someone else mentioned they have visited every site they know that is doing this. i’m right behind them! my heart goes out to those affected by this tragedy.

  11. nico says

    We donated through my husbands work to because they were doing a dollar for dollar match. Thank you for doing this blog effort.

  12. Anna says

    Thank you so much for your generosity. I have made a small donation to Doctors without Borders, and am making the rounds to as many generous bloggers out there as I can.

  13. Dawn says

    Giving through Samaritan’s Purse and our church. Thank you for doing this – may our weeping drive us to our knees (Luke 13:1-5) and to our wallets (Luke 25:40).

  14. says

    We are praying for all those in Haiti — those affected by the quake and those going to lend their help. We will be donating through Samaritan’s Purse or Compassion International.

  15. says

    We have donated through the Red Cross and Compassion. But most of all we are praying. God bless you for your active compassion for those in distress!

  16. Michelle Morton says

    Thank you for doing this – your blog posts are amazing to read! Thank you!

    I am hoping that something local will be available to be able to donate items to – I am looking in to it to see if anyone knows of anything being started if not maybe I can start here in my community.

  17. Stephanie D says

    Thank you for your donation! You are an inspiration to us all. My thoughts and prayers go to all affected by this tragedy.

  18. elizabeth says

    As I await orders for a federal disaster medical assistance team deployment to haiti, i wanted to thank you for your blog with such a rational focus on both the immediate and long term needs. The instinct is to send physical goods and people as soon as possible and the infrastructure is simply not in place to store or utilize these things efficiently. As the immediate shock dissipates and the bases of operation are established/reopened there will be need for weeks, months and years. Please continue to consider the ways that we all can contribute to the rebuilding process as well!

  19. Cheryl says

    Thanks for your generosity! I see you’ve already reached your goal! I’ve donated to Convoy of Hope which is an organization that feeds hungry people all around the world. Anyone can give at their secure site: and the donation will go for immediate help in Haiti!

  20. Cheryl says

    I donated to the Red Cross for the immediate need. I will wait to see what the coming weeks bring to decide where to help from there.

  21. says

    This is in my blog post too…. please consider adopting, helping someone else, or sponsoring a child in Haiti. Even before this tragedy the need was soooooooooo great!

  22. says

    I’m SO glad you reached the $500 goal!!! I wish I could donate that much as well…but my heart goes with the small amount I did anyway. Thank YOU for putting this together, and for showing such compassion. It’s things like this that keep my heart warm in a world with so much struggle.

  23. Elizabeth says

    I quickly scanned your link for Christian charities that you are considering donating funds to. I just thought I would mention (as I didn’t see it on your list) that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has no “overhead” costs to donations/contributions made to the Humanitarian effort. 100% of the proceeds goes to assistance of those in need. Let me know if you would like further information on that.

  24. Christie C. says

    I’m going to the Dominican Republic, which borders Haiti, next month. I’m planning to cross the border into Haiti to volunteer if possible.

    Thank you for allowing us to help you help everyone who needs it!

  25. Ashley B. says

    I’m an on-call volunteer with the American Red Cross, and I’ll be there Monday taking calls and walk-ins for donations. I also donated $25, it’s not much but hopefully it can help. My suggestion to anyone who’s unable to donate, or wants to do more on top of donating, is to volunteer. Even if you can’t go to Haiti, there are lots of organizations locally that need help in collecting donations for the relief efforts they’re sending. I don’t know of any off the top of my head other than the American Red Cross (, which I highly recommend. It’s easy to become a volunteer, you can give them as much or as little time as you’re able to, and it feels so good to DO something, especially when you’re not able to help financially. Thanks for that huge donation, Erin! And to everyone else donating!


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