Guest Post: Using Clipping Services for Additional Coupons

Today’s post comes from Andrea at!  She shares how and where you can find extra coupons!
I only get two papers each week.  Yeap, only two.  They are my subscription newspapers (check out this link to find the lowest cost subscription for your area).  Some weeks I may purchase additional inserts but I have another means to acquire those additional coupons I need without buying the paper just for the inserts (which may be filled with coupons I don’t always need or want).  I use coupon clipping services.
Coupon clipping services are just that:  companies or sellers who will cut and mail you coupons for a fee.  You are paying for the individual’s time to cut and mail you the coupon, not the actual coupons themselves (because coupons cannot be sold or bartered, else they are void).  There are several clipping services I utilize and would recommend:   The Coupon Master and Coupons & Things by Dede.
I also purchase through clipping services who sell on Ebay.  Yes, I said Ebay (crazy, I know, but they have everything).  When I make my purchase through Ebay, I click through the cash-back sites BigCrumbs or Ebates.  Not only do I secure several coupons that will save me money, I get paid cash back for buying those coupons through Ebay!  You can read a post where I explain the benefits of cash back sites here at Mommy 
Just a few things to consider if you do decide to utilize a clipping service:
Use the search button
Do a search for the specific name of the coupon you want.
Read the Auction Carefully
The quantities on coupons can make a huge difference.  For example, some Cottonelle coupons are for $.50 on ONE and others are for $.50 on TWO. Be sure to inspect what the value and quantity is before you agree to the purchase! That is sometimes the difference between getting it for FREE and actually paying for it!
Also, NEVER order coupons that are internet printables! You cannot tell if they were copied (illegally) and you can probably print them yourself. So, only order actual coupons clipped from the paper or other paper sources.
Buy It Now (if purchasing through an Ebay service)
Buy it Now auctions are the fastest and easiest way to order. Since store sales are only 7 days, I always use this method to ensure I receive my coupons in time for the sale. There has never been a time I have not received my coupons in time (with Ebay or a clipping service)! Honestly, if it’s a really hot sale the store may be out of the item anyway.  Always get a rain check to ensure you can still use those coupons!
Consider this (of course) when making a purchase because if an auction is priced too high, you may be better off passing on the deal. Generally, you can get 10-20 coupons for $1-$2. Sometimes you can get FREE shipping or reduced shipping costs if you order multiple auctions if you order on Ebay. 
Are Printable Coupons Available?
Many times there are printable coupons available from sites like and Cool Savings (you can see my list of Internet Printable Coupon Sites here). I have found that when I pull together a few friends and tell them I want a certain printable, I manage to get more than enough so ordering isn’t necessary.
While using these services aren’t always necessary, it’s a great way to acquire many coupons and save you lots! Getting coupons through the means above can help you be on your way to making your own dinners for just $5!

Andrea Deckard is the Founder and Author of Mommy which offers money-saving tips that are Mom Tested and Budget Approved!  Stop by to find free coupon advice and store highlights, delicious menu planning and recipes, fabulous giveaways, interesting reviews and the best freebies and samples around the web.  Also, laugh and share in one mother’s attempt at losing the baby weight…once and for all! 


  1. Lori Oschmann says

    With regards to purchasing multiple newspapers to receive extra coupons. Check to see if your newspaper offers a discounted rate on the extra Sunday papers. In Arizona there are several couponing groups that have negotiated discounted rates for the extra papers. I receive 4 Sunday papers delivered to my house. I pay the regular rate for my daily newspaper delivery and then just $1 for each extra Sunday paper (vs $1.50-$2.00 at the newstand). Our papers require you to have a discount code to receive the special rates but I would recommend doing some internet searches to see if you can find a discounted rate. One possible spot is

  2. says

    “Always get a rain check to ensure you can still use those coupons!”

    Just a question on rainchecks…

    My local Harris Teeter occasionally runs triple coupons, now based on what I understand of rainchecks is it possible that when they run out of something I could ask for that product to be held for me? Or is it that they have to honor that price (and my coupons) too?

    • says

      Yes, they will honor the same price and should honor the triple coupon. Be sure to have the customer service people write that you intended to use a triple coupon on the product so you can get full coupon credit since they were out.

  3. Kat says

    Just put out the word that you want extra coupon flyers to EVERYONE you know. There are enough people out there that think clipping is a waste of their time (their wrong, but ssshhhh….don’t tell THEM!). And if you live in a condo or apartment complex that has a recycle bin for papers, just check there every few days…..we do and end up with at least 10, sometimes 15, copies of each flyer for no extra cost.

  4. says

    hmm, interesting, I always considered this not to be a legitimate way to get coupons since you cannot buy and sell coupons (I know they say they are charging you for the service not the coupon, but really…) just my 2 cents :)

  5. Traci says

    I’m finding that my stores are not accepting printable coupons from any website. Advice on using these would be helpful. My local Walmart won’t accept any of them, including those directly from the manufacturers websites.

  6. coupongal says

    Another coupon clipping service, The Coupon Carryout ( has just moved their store from EBay to their own website and is offering 15% off of all orders through the end of June. They are located in Ohio and I had my order in two days, in plenty of time to take advantage of this week’s Kroger sales.

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