Growing Up and Out – SFG Update

Swiss chard…growing like a weed.  Must be the cooler temps last week…and all. the. rain.

The Brussels sprout stalk is getting taller too!

Romaine lettuce…growing nice and tall.  One of the leaves has some nibbles in it…but I’m thinking all the rain has been keeping the bugs away.  All the other lettuce leaves are growing strong with no holes or pests!

I planted 20 tomato plants…12 of which were grown in my friend Lucy’s greenhouse.  She is a master gardener and she ended up with too many tomato plants for her garden.  So we traded.  I bought her dinner at a fun Bistro in Dayton…and she gave me tomato plants :)

Now my “back garden” has 18 tomato plants (the other 2 are in the SFG patio planters), and 4 cucumber plants that can climb the old grapevine frame.

Last year, I planted a “lasagna pot” and this year, I’m doing the same! This year, I’ve got oregano (round leaves in the front), thyme (tiny little leaves behind the oregano, by the dead leaf), sage (white and green leaves in back left) and parsley (taller green leaves behind the oregano).

I love having all the fragrant spices all together!

And isn’t this amazing?! This is the edge of one of the cabbage leaves with a huge droplet of water sitting right on it.  I find it fascinating that the leaves have a protective anti-water coating (wax, I presume…I have not researched this) that forces the water that falls on the leaves to slide off into the ground below…hydrating the roots and plant from the ground up. Simply fascinating!

Mary…Mary…Quite Contrary…How does YOUR garden grow?!

We’d love to hear updates from your garden…harvesting anything yet.


  1. Irene D. says

    My strawberries are doing well this year. It’s their 3rd season. Does anyone know how to keep the birds and slugs off them?

  2. Gail Becker says

    I live in PA & last week it rained everyday! I have 9 garden beds with veggies in. Potatoes & onions growing good. Corn I plant 1 dozen 2 weeks apart, looks good so far. Peas & wax beans growing nice, although I noticed holes in leaves – so I’m watching to see what pest is eating. I have most of my garden beds fenced in & living in town critters get mighty hunger! Cuccumbers I have growing & this year using a trellis. Also using a trellis for peas & beans. Tomatoes started from seed some didn’t survive, so I planted more. I will also use cages around the survior to help not waste any tomatoes. I have lots of radish growing, some didn’t make it but that’s ok. Not seeing any lettuce, broccoli, or cauliflower growing yet for me. This week I hope to buy marigolds to put around the gardens.

  3. Karen Hiebert says

    Side question:
    Do you have any good recipes for paella? or perhaps other readers might know? thanks! I wonder if its possible to make it for under $5 esp. with seafood! and still taste good!

  4. says

    Agree that will all the recent rains the seasonal gardens are growing beautifully as well as the flowers, especially perennials. Can’t wait to eat homegrown vegetables, not quite ready, and wish had planted some Swiss Chard, a family favorite, perhaps not too late to do or something to add to the list for next year.
    Really appreciate your comment about the beauty of a water drop on a cabbage leaf, nature is beautiful and it is so nice to stop and enjoy creation for all it has to offer. Very nice photos as usual, enjoyed your post.

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