Grow Happy: The Fight to End Childhood Obesity

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For years, my physician sister has been urging me to get involved with the fight against childhood obesity. I’ve spent some time here and there doing research looking for the best place to plug in, but didn’t really find the right spot to slip in to share inexpensive recipe ideas and help people understand that you can eat well and make smart food choices while on a budget.

And also, that children will eat foods beyond chicken nuggets and french fries.

As parents of our children, who aren’t old enough to make food choices of their own, it’s our job to teach them about making smart food choices, and picking the right snacks, about splurging on occasion and maintaining moderation and balance in eating.

I take growing my children seriously…and literally too! (I adore this ‘little people’ stage of life and it drives my absolutely batty how quickly they are growing up!) I work hard to ensure that the boys have healthy and diverse meals and food to enjoy throughout the day. And I know you do too…so I hope you’ll join me in encouraging and inspiring your friends and family to keep providing healthy and delicious meals for our kids!

I’m teaming up with Knowledge Universe, which teaches and cares for 160,000 kids aged infant through school aged every day in its KinderCare Learning Centers, CCLC Child Care Centers and Champions programs. They recently teamed up with Partnership for A Healthier America and have adopted new practices to ensure that the children and their families in their care are inspired to make simple, small changes that can lead to healthier lifestyles.

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This week marks the Partnership for a Healthier America’s Building A Healthier Future Summit, and while I wasn’t able to attend, I’m over here in my corner of the internet…cheering you on to join me in the movement! And cheering on the Knowledge Universe and how they are impacting thousands of children across the country in an effort to prevent childhood obesity too. From improved nutrition to plenty of play and activity time, their new Grow Happy initiative will help out you and your children make the changes you need to make lead to lifelong healthy habits.

I’m thrilled to be sharing ideas from our kitchen over on the Grow Happy Blog  this month and will let you know when my posts are ready, as I know they’ll inspire you! Right now, the site features fun videos of kids cooking with Knowledge Universe’s registered dietitian, Carly Dunn, along with collection of kid-tested recipes, help with everything from picky eaters to rainy day activities, and my favorite…”The Grow Happy Goal Tracker” tool. Hop on over to the Grow Happy Blog, and try not to be inspired. I dare ya! 😉

Seriously, I hope you’re inspired by all the great tips, tricks and resources that will help you take baby steps to making smarter food decisions for you and your kids each and every day.

It’s the small changes we make every day that lead to long term changes that improve our lives, the lives of our children and their future!!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Knowledge Universe. I’m honored to be part of their team and be working with them on this initiative to fight against childhood obesity.

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