Grow. Eat. Save. – Summer 2011 Schedule

Welcome to Grow. Eat. $ave. 2011!

I absolutely loved this feature last summer, and I’m looking forward to all the great recipes that we’ll share this summer.  If you weren’t around last summer, I urge you to look through the Grow. Eat. $ave. recipes and link-ups from 2010.

This summer, I will share the GES post and recipe every other Wednesday night.  The goal is to create a resource for you all to use up all those veggies from your garden harvest. This can be tough in the later months of the summer, when you are at the mercy of your garden!

My hope is to use everything from my garden, and if it’s not ready, then I’ll try to find it at the farmer’s market!

The 2011 Plan for Grow. Eat. $ave.

  • June 1- Spinach
  • June 15 – Radishes
  • June 29 – Zucchini
  • July 13 – Yellow Summer Squash
  • July 27 – Lettuce
  • August 10 – Cucumbers
  • August 24 – Green Beans, Snap Peas,
  • September 7 – Tomatoes
  • September 21 – Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, Broccoli
  • October 5 – Peppers
  • October 19 – Fall and Winter Squash, Butternut, Acorn, Pumpkin
  • November 2 – Any recipes from your garden harvest! The final link-up!

I hope you’ll join me in helping others make the most of their harvests. Bloggers, mark your editorial calendars with the veggies and fruits that you have in your garden and get those posts ready!  I’ll have a Linky set up with each post so you can share your recipes and garden progress with the $5 Dinners family!

If you’d like to learn more about Square Foot Gardening, please check out the Square Foot Gardening books by Mel Bartholemew.

We love hearing what’s happening in your garden each week!!! And we look forward to watching it grow and seeing what you do with the harvest!


  1. Jenn Cook says

    love this idea & can’t wait!!! Just was looking at my spinach that’s growing quite nicely as well as my other veggies! I love it!!!

  2. says

    I’ve been looking forward to this post! I really enjoyed it last year! This is our first year trying spring vegetables, between the heavy rains and now blazing hot temps we’ll see! We are definately doing the easy veggies like tomatoes, zucchini, pepper, and cucumber. I look forward to following along with this!

  3. Virginia Adams says

    This year I’m hoping to plan more carefully and have SOMETHING growing almost year round. I live in zone 9, so our winters are fairly mild. Am planning on covering some early winter crops with hoops and plastic and see if I can’t extend the season to almost year-round growing. Also, I MUST start my seedlings quite a bit earlier next year–right after Christmas!

    Tomatoes–some seedlings perished from bugs, some didn’t appreciate being transplanted. I’ll need to replace some with “store-bought” seedlings, but hope to have enough ‘maters to eat, preserve (can and dehydrate) and also have plenty to share with others. LOTS of bush beans are up. There again, for eating, canning/freezing and sharing. Someone shared some heirloom Lima beans, so I’ll try growing those. Guess I might as well see if I can grow other beans to dry for later use. Am thinking of going with Good Mother Stoddard beans, as I’ve heard a lot of good comments about them. My cucumber plants are pretty tiny yet, but I anticipate pickles one day. Hybrid seedless cukes will be started pretty soon (am running behind) for salads and just crunching. The immature hybrid cukes are so yummy and crunchy. Hot peppers and eggplant are growing faster than the bugs can eat them, so I expect them to survive and give a fair harvest this summer.

    Onions are interplanted in the peppers and eggplants. More bush beans are planted with the cukes. Sunflowers are planted with the winter squashes. Parsley is planted in with the tomatoes. Potatoes are growing in tubs- a grandkid project. It will soon be pretty hot for lettuce. I’ll try some slow-bolting type in pots that can be placed near some shade–hopefully I’ll have a measure of success that way.

    I dug out and transplanted some blackberry cuttings into my back yard. They were getting out of hand at my parents’ place, spreading out roots and plantlets and encroaching other plant beds. Hopefully in the coming years I’ll have my own harvest of yummy berries. Also bought a few friendlier (thornless) blackberries to see if they do as well as the unfriendlies.

    I expect to transplant a bunch of quinoa seedlings into a 64 square foot bed, and another 64 square footer will get some amaranth seedlings put in there by about this time next week. Am hoping to learn a bit about growing some backyard grains–grains that require little threshing. Hull-less oats have gotten my interest, so those might be a winter crop that should be done by June next year. June’s not too late to plant some things once the oats are harvested. Corn should be happy at that time of the year. Also some squashes or pumpkins would have enough time to produce a crop if I start them in June.

    I still need to prepare a few more growing areas for some summer squash and some melons this year. I have such a small yard. Finding room for all I want to grow is a challenge. But…I’m always up for a challenge.

    There are 2 composts heaps that I keep adding to. I also have a tumbling composter, and hope to have enough homemade compost NEXT year that I won’t have to buy so much. I’m only one person, and don’t generate a lot of kitchen scraps. So I’ve enlisted a few families in my church to help out. Their children are encouraged to save all compostable kitchen stuffs and bring them to me. I am paying them a small amount for each ice-cream tub of scraps, and they are setting that money aside for church events that occur each year–camps, youth rallies, Christian School competitions, etc. And these families are also recipients of extra produce. We all win!

    So…Hooray! Bring on the garden season. Let’s all Grow, Eat and Save!
    Happy gardening, folks!

  4. Andrea Castor says

    I’m glad you are doing this again! We love to visit a different Farmers Market in the Dayton/Cincy area every couple weeks, or just start our weekend by meeting at the Bellbrook market on my way home from work and finding a new veggie we haven’t tried before (who would have thought we’d LOVE kohlrabi!) We also are trying a CSA this year in Centerville as well as expanding our own garden. Hoping to learn to can this year and use more “green” pesticides. Bugs ate almost everything last year! Hubby and the kids also made me a rain barrel for Mothers Day to use for the garden.

    Can’t wait to find some great ideas on your site for using up the fruits of our labor. :)

  5. says

    I’ve been feeling the need to learn to grow my own veggies, but I feel a bit overwhelmed… this is another push in that direction! The help with exactly what to do with them will be great!

  6. Laura M says

    LOVE this site! Thank you all for the detailed gardening posts as I am totally new to gardening. I am excited to try to plan meals around fresh produce wether I grow it or wind up buying it from the Farmers!

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