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Well this week “life” just took over.

I can typically balance life with blogging with little difficulty. But not this week!

Tyler is having some issues with drinking from a cup and a bottle (issues like he can’t/won’t/doesn’t do it), and given the history of Chiari malformations that both of his older brothers have, this issue is being taken very seriously by our pediatrician, our new OT, and the older boys’ neurosurgeon.  I spent hours. Yes, HOURS. on the phone this week with all sorts of people trying to figure out the right “path” that we need to be on to be getting the help that he needs to learn how to suck-swallow-breathe. (That is what he can’t do.)

Needless to say its been a frustrating week…ending with Tyler having a brain MRI this morning in Cincinnati. All this has prevented me from getting together the photos and recipe for Sausage Jalapeno Bread…the recipe I intended to share this week on Grow. Eat. $ave.

As soon as I can catch my breath, I’ll share it. Promise.

I’m off to grab a warm-from-the-sun tomato from the garden for my salad, and to retrieve the baby from Daddy…and I’m back on “full supervision” of baby. (What’s required after anesthesia!)

As for my peppers in the garden, I still have a few of the smaller peppers growing…ready to be picked soon. But no new buds of the green peppers plants.  I’m very pleased with how the pepper plants have done this year!

If you’d like to learn more about Square Foot Gardening, please check out the Square Foot Gardening books by Mel Bartholemew.

Got a recipe that uses peppers of any kind, color, flavor or heat level?!?

Feel free to link up your blog post below…or leave an update in the comments!!!


  1. says

    What a stressful time! I hope you get answers soon, and that everything turns out fine. It’s so very scary to watch our little ones go through hard things and to worry and wonder about them.

  2. Gwenn says

    My 6 year old had the same problem! He ended up with a chiari type 1 and he did eventually learn how to drink from a cup but it was a battle!

  3. sandy says

    I don’t know you or your baby except through your blog but that doesn’t stop me from send my whole hearted wishes for a happy resolution to all of this for Tyler and all of you. You will held close to my heart and in my prayers during this difficult time. Mothers must support each other.

  4. says

    I didn’t realize your other sons had the chiarri malformation too. My daughter has it. She just had her 3rd MRI two weeks ago. They make for very, very long days. Hopefully it is a mild form and you won’t have to go through surgery. Wishing you the best.


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