Grocery Shopping Trips

by Erin, The $5 Dinner Mom on December 1, 2008

Yep…2 trips today…to 3 different stores! In the snow. With the kids. Oh boy!

Why??!!?? Well, I had a $10 gift card to Meijer that I wanted to use to get some produce. They had a decent amount of produce on sale, so I stopped in while we were already in the area (there are 2 Meijers about 20 minutes from my house…too far to go there regularly!). And I needed to drop into Trader Joes to grab a few things for the boys, mainly Rice Milk. Thankfully, TJs is right near Meijers!

Can you spot the red 40% off “quick sale” sticker…paid “summer time” price for that watermelon :) The super expensive GF bread is hiding in the back…I want to make French Toast Casserole (similar to this one) for the boys for breakfast to see how it turns out, and if they like it! The bread seems hard, but soaking it the egg/rice milk mixture might help…one of my many GF experiments! Anyone with more GF experience…chime in :)

Total from Meijer $.95 after Gift Card
Total from Trader Joes $11.46

Later I stopped by Kroger for the essentials…

Highlights from Kroger…$.49 Cottonelle, $1.50 bag organic frozen corn, $1.75 1 lb. ground sirloin (Manager’s Special – $.75 “ecoupon”) to be used for 2 meals this week, $5 Coconut Oil (reg. $9), 4 packages of Tyson chicken breast/tenderloins at 1.77/lb, all produce on sale, and Kroger brand salsa for $.50 (on sale $1 – $.50 “ecoupon”)

Total spent $45.45
Total saved $33.40 (42%)

Total for the week…$57.86

I have been really nervous about how being on budget with starting on the GF diet. It has been a challenge, but I do believe that baking their snacks has made a big difference in helping keep costs low. Thankfully, the GF baking supplies have been on sale at Kroger, so I’m all stocked up and should be good to go for a while :) It helped me know when the sale would expire…so I could buy one package of the GF mix each week and not run over my weekly budget! Yeah for saving and stockpiling!

AND…it’s December 1st which means there are LOTS of new on the widget in my sidebar. So…get to printing, as once they’ve reached their max print limit they will “disappear”. Even if you think you might buy the product at the end of the month or even in early January…now’s the time to print!

I’m off to eat Thai food with Hubs…hoping the spices will help clear my head!

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