Green Coupon Printing

Are you a GREEN coupon printer?

Save a few trees by printing on double sides for those coupons that only print one per page!

Do you print your coupons on each side? What about ink?!? Please share any great ways to save on ink cartridges and refills!


  1. mellisa w. says

    I have tried to print on the back side but I messed up a couple of times and lost valuable coupons. I just try to be choosey.

  2. says

    I print on both side as well, and then I take that strip of paper in between and use it as scrap paper to write shopping lists on. Then when I’m done, I always make sure to recycle the paper. I also use paper made our of sugar cane instead of trees (which is still recyclable.)

    I have yet found a trick to save money on ink. For printing in general there are certain fonts that use less ink than others (Century Gothic, Times New Roman, and Calibri are a few).

  3. Jamie says

    I do most of what tiffany does, print on both sides and use the scrap for shopping lists, too funny. :)

  4. says

    I print on both sides of the paper… but did you know that if it only prints the coupon (no extra page filler picture*, etc.) you can actually get 3 coupons per page? It may depend on your printer style, but if you cut the first one off right at the bottom of the coupon, print a second one, then flip the paper over you can print a 3rd one. Make sure you keep in mind which way the paper feeds through the printer so you don’t print overtop an already printed coupon!

    Also, you can set your printer settings to be Fast Draft, Draft, Normal, etc… I usually use Draft or Fast Draft on almost everything I print. It saves a lot of ink.

    *If it is the kind that prints a whole page picture, if you’re right at your printer while it’s printing, as soon as the coupon is printed you can hit the “stop” or “cancel” button on the printer and cancel the print, saving ink AND paper!

  5. says

    Sometime I print on both sides, I always have to make a pen mark on the paper so I can figure out which way to put the paper back in as to not ruin the coupons…

    Otherwise I recycle the paper.

    My favorite is to use the scraps and put it in the kids paper bin, they always find creative ways to use the different size scraps!

    I really dislike the whole page ads, and I haven’t figured out how to stop my printer.

  6. Shanna says

    If it only prints one per page, I print 2 on the same side! That way, if I end up not using them, I can just print on the other side with no problem. That’s the other thing I do- print on the blank side of a page of expired qs. As far as ink- we’re investing in a laser printer.

  7. Robyn says

    Smart! I wish more coupon sites would load the coupons directly on your Kroger Plus card or whatever other savings card you have.

  8. karen says

    i print on both sides, or i rescue any one-sided paper we have without any sensitive information and print on the backside. my epson inkjet printer has a “print preview” option which i’ve enabled so I can see if there’s a full-page ad for one coupon. if i know there’s an ad at the bottom, i’ll run over to the printer and wait for the coupon to print, then hit the “cancel print” button so the printer spits out the paper w/o the ad. (maybe this is too much effort for some people, but i’m a bit crazy when it comes to the 3 Rs.)
    as for ink, i usually find remanufactured ink cartridges on ebay or amazon. i save all my empties and bring them to staples – they will take up to 10 empties a month and then 6-8 weeks later you get a rewards check for $3 per cartridge. i then use the rewards check to buy more paper or ink… or fun office supplies for myself :)

    • K says


      Ditto on the “show print preview” setting…the best. You can see exactly what the coupon is for and read all the fine print and cancel if you dont want to print, it buys you some time in case you forgot to put your paper in, it shows you if there is an ad that prints and if it is before or after the coupon.

      If the ad is after the coupon i mute the tv so i can hear the printer. I hit the X on the front of the printer to stop when there is a change in the printing noise. Ha ha …really technical. It is usually just a second or two before I can see the paper come out. If the ad is before the coupon you just have to print it and use the other side to print other coupons.

      I use black & white print, fast draft and on half sheets or even third sheets of paper or the back of junk paper or junk mail. If you arent sure if you have a big enough piece of paper then print the first copy on a bigger sheet and hold it up to your scrap of paper to make sure it will fit for your second printing.

      Any paper scraps left too small for coupons I use as scratch pads.

      Unfortunately I have an HP printer which is nice but the ink is terribly priced and is always excluded when ink goes on sale and if you use a brand other than HP it voids your warranty. Next time I will get a different printer.

  9. says

    I’m surprised that you print in color. Color ink is quite expensive. I set my printer default to print in black/white draft mode. I also use a laser printer and buy toner from 3rd party sellers at Amazon. I can print pages for pennies. I use the back side of school papers or other non-sensitive papers. The kids get a kick out of it at the grocery store to see what’s on the back of the cereal coupons.

  10. Diana says

    I use scrap paper to print on, and normally can get two coupons per page. I also print black and white and in fast draft mode. It saves a lot of ink that way, and I’m not buying separate paper to print them on.

  11. Diane says

    I chose a printer that I knew I could get cheap ink for on Amazon. I usually do print in high quality color just because I don’t like being hassled by coupons that won’t scan or cashiers that think coupons are copies if they’re not in color. But I managed to find ink on Amazon that only costs me about $2/month to print in high quality color on my Canon printer.

    I also print on both sides of the paper and use the scraps for shopping lists.

  12. Karen says

    I recycle paper….if I have something I am done with and the other side is blank I use that one for the printer. :) CA is very green . :)

  13. Angie says

    Costco will refill most black inck cartridges for $7.99 and color for $9.99. Much better than $30-$40 per cartridge.

  14. says

    Most stores include “black and white okay” in their coupon policies regarding IP coupons. Save even more money and skip the color printing!

  15. says

    I totally do this but just yesterday I put the paper back in and it printed the coupon in the same exact spot as the one on the front but just on the back. So that did not work well, HA!!

  16. says

    I use the fast draft print option. Also, go into your printer preferences and make sure that if you have your printer set to default print in grayscale, that you have the ‘black ink only’ box checked. We couldn’t figure out how we were using so much colored ink when nearly everything we print is in grayscale and it turns out that some printers use colored ink to make the gray shades.

    We refill our ink cartridges at Walgreens. They often run specials for $9.99 to refill color or b/w cartridges.

  17. Kim says

    We have an automatic ink fill set retrofitted to our printer. We no longer have to buy the cartridges and just refill with bottles of ink we buy online. It was $80 originally to buy the kit and the bottles of ink are about $12 a piece. However, my husband just finished his first year of medical school and printed out all his lecture power points to study and we are only on our second bottle of ink. It has saved us a ton of money.

  18. Shannon says

    I print on the back of my kids homework. also I don’t refill my color ink, I keep an empty one, cause I have found even on bw ink only settings my color gets used up.

  19. LisaE says

    My printer will print 3 coupons on one side. If, by chance, I only need 2 coupons from one site, I flip the paper over and can print one coupon on that page without messing anything up. As for ink, all I know is I go through too much:(

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