20 Gluten Free Slow Cooker Freezer Packs For $150

Have you ever wished you could make enough crockpot dinners to last for weeks, so you can just let it cook, while you enjoy your time with your family each night? Each Meal Feeds 4 People And Costs Less Than One Family Member’s Meal Out!

Let me introduce you to the…

20 Gluten Free Slow Cooker Freezer Packs for $150 Meal Plan #4 from 5DollarDinners.com

What better way to help you survive and thrive the busyness of life than with a 20 Meals for $150 plan that is made up of all “Gluten Free Slow Cooker Freezer Packs” where you can assemble EVERYTHING in less than 2 hours!!! I actually videoed the entire assembly process for you…

  • To prove that it takes less than 2 hours to prepare 20 meals. The videos are 1 hour and 50 minutes long…and there is several minutes of me mumbling. And maybe doing a happy dance at the end :)
  • So that you can follow along as you assemble your bags! I didn’t want you to feel alone in your slow cooker freezer pack assembly efforts…I’ll be right there with you in the kitchen!
  • Exclusive access to the assembly video instructions is available in the complete package, details below.

As Seen on NBC’s Today Show

Bringing $5 Dinners to the world has been so much fun and one of the highlights was being on the Today Show last year. The best part has been the reaction from people who have told me how much time and money I helped save them. It’s why I continue to work hard to bring you great recipes and fantastci meal plans!


I’m often asked about my slow cooker…I use the 6-quart E-lume from Crockpot!

OH…and BTW…this plan is also GLUTEN FREE! :)

Let’s get to it, shall we?!?

Slow Cooker Freezer Pack 1st Edition

Costco Ingredients & Price List


1 6 pack boneless, skinless chicken breasts, about 6 lbs. (12 total breasts) – $20.99
1 6 pack boneless, skinless chicken thighs, about 6 lbs. – $21.31
1 15 ct chicken apple sausage – $13.99
1 package stew beef, about 4 lbs. – $15.04
1 package pork chops, 8 count – $15.44


1 8 lb. bag white onions – $6.59
1 6 pack peppers, multi color – $6.49
1 5 lb. bag baby carrots – $5.49
1 8 lb. bags sweet potatoes – $5.99
1 15 lb. bag gold potatoes $7.99
1 5.5 lb. tray of apples – $7.59
1 24 oz. box of sliced mushrooms (optional) – $3.69

Freezer/Pantry Staples

1 5 lb. bag frozen corn – $5.99
1 12 pack of chicken broth, 16 oz. each – $9.99
8 pack diced tomatoes, 15 oz cans – $6.29
8 pack black beans, 15 oz cans – $6.79
2 pack BBQ sauce – $5.99

Total – $161.96


BBQ sauce, 1 + ½ bottle – $4 worth
4 cans black beans – $3.39 worth
Frozen corn – $3 worth
6 boxes of broth – $5 worth
about 4-5 lbs. potatoes – $2.67 worth
2 onions – $1.50 worth
= $19.56

Estimated Cost After Leftovers $142.40

(with a few dollars left to get the coconut milk & rosemary from the grocery store!) You will also need 20 Gallon Size Freezer baggies, or other plastic containers or baggies.

Meals that slow down your busy life

Recipe List

Each pack in this plan is DOUBLED. So these 10 meals make 20 packs total! Each pack serves a family of 4. Larger families or families with bottomless pits (also known as teenage boys!) can double or use 2 packs for 1 meal!

  • Slow Cooker Chicken with Apples & Rosemary
  • Slow Cooker Pork Chops with Apples & Sweet Potatoes
  • Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Chicken Curry
  • Slow Cooker Italian Chicken
  • Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken & Potatoes
  • Slow Cooker Sausage, Peppers, Onions
  • Slow Cooker Italian Stew Roast
  • Slow Cooker Beef Stew
  • Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup
  • Slow Cooker Chicken & Sausage Stew
Basic $2.49
Printable Recipe List
Printable Grocery List

You can find all of the other Costco Meal Plans in the series, the Sam’s Club plans and my e-cookbooks in the $5 Dinners Store page. Once you’ve chosen all the plan you need, you can checkout! 

If you have issues with the download, PLEASE EMAIL ME! I’ll be able to help you out!

Interested in a weekly meal planning service that takes all the headache and stress off your shoulders?! Sign up for a FREE 4-Week Trial at 5DollarMealPlan.com!

Disclaimer: I have no formal relationship with Costco and am not paid by them to share these plans. I created these plans to help myself (and you!) spend less money at Costco, while using up all the bulk ingredients without them going to waste. Hope they help your family as much as they help our family!


  1. Leah says

    Hi, my hubby thinks this is a great idea and it sounds like it, but could you direct me to meal plans that are plant based? We eat a 90% vegan diet. (and I cook pretty elaborate meals) so my hubby is hoping I will streamline some things this fall due to our busy schedule. Thanks!

    • says

      Hey Savannah!

      It could be that you’ll need to add the leftover potatoes to the potatoes meals to make those a little bigger, or you might need to make 2 packs at once…depends on the ages of your kids! We have 6 as well and we can usually get by with a pack along with a small loaf of bread, or some brown rice cooked on the side.

      Hope that helps!


  2. sherralynn arnold says

    We also eat more of a plant based diet. Also, wondering if you have actually prepared and eaten these recipes exactly this way. I have wasted hundreds of dollars and countless hours with deals like this where the meals are gross.

  3. Janet says

    I can’t eat corn! Do you have any acceptable substitutes for your recipes? I’d love to try them but see from your pic that a few bags have corn.

    • Jenn K says

      Karens, We don’t ship any food or meal plans. We just provide the recipes and ideas for you to make your own. :)

  4. Sandra says

    With the freezer meals, do you need to thaw in advance or do you put the meal into the slow cooker frozen? If you thaw, how long does it take to thaw?

    • Jenn K says

      Each recipe has the complete directions on them (on the printables you can purchase and on the recipe links themselves) for further clarification.

  5. says

    I am a little confused at what to order. You have so many buttons and when you click them they show up with different titles. I thought the whole batch of recipes was GF, but it looks like there is a special button for GF? And then there are buttons after the explanation of each plan…how is that different from the buttons at the bottom?

  6. Deeauna Schyt says

    I agree with Roberta, I guess I was confused on all the buttons as well. I clicked on package 1 thinking that was what I needed then after paying the $5 figured out that there was also a Gluten free button that cost an additional $1.49, so I bought that as well. Now I am kind of confused:-/

    • Jenn K says

      All of the recipes on this post are gluten free, Deeauna. The two different printable packs offer different information, but they both come with the complete Costco (and pantry/grocery store) shopping list and all 10 full recipes.

  7. Deeauna Schut says

    I accidentally misspelled my last name on above comment in case you needed to look into my account info!

    • Tess says

      You choose your salt content. So, leave it out completely or add as much as you want to each meal. The only ingredients that are going to add salt is the broth, tomatoes, and sausage (that I can think of).

  8. nancy says

    If you’re really concerned about my budget – which is horrendously minimal living solely off a disability check – why would you charge me a fee for your recipes? :-(

    • RejoicedOver says

      We are a family of 7 living off of one income, so I can in a sense relate a bit. However, I wanted to mention, in case you hadn’t noticed, that the recipe list, shopping list (both included on this post) and recipes are all available for Free right here (just click the recipe name in red to take you to the actual recipe). It just takes a little more time to hand write (or print) the list and recipes. I know for me, I’d love to have it all together in one printout (and the small fee here is not too much for all the time and energy put into creating this list, recipes, cost breakdowns and posts), but sometimes I have more time than I have money, so I just pull up each one and note it down on paper. Hope that helps.

    • Jenn K says

      Nancy, all of the recipes are available on the site free of charge. Just click the links for each recipe title to access. Thanks!

  9. Monica says

    Like Leah, we are mostly vegan (we still eat fish, but no eggs, no dairy, etc.) and we’d love a vegan version of these plans. Even something with “cheese optional”, or dairy substitutes, because we do use a few of those. So if you ever get that going, please let me know! :-)

  10. Sarah says

    My son is allergic to tomatoes; anything with any tomatoes including barbecue sauce. It is very hard to cook for a family of four with one having a tomato allergy and he loves tomatoes, so it is even harder to substitute just for him because he knows what he is missing. I noticed a lot of the recipes have a form of tomato. Do you have any substitution ideas for tomatoes? Before I buy the slow cook gluten free (which I love the idea of) how many of the recipes require them??

  11. says

    Thank you! We aren’t Costco members, but just the recipes and shopping lists are amazing. It’s football season with two of our kids involved, and it’s been impossible for me to think of a way to cook supper. This works great. :-)

  12. Anatolia says


    This is my first time to your site, and I’m SO excited! Gluten Free! Crock-Pot freezer meals! Shopping at Costco! All of the arduous hours of recipe hunting, figuring out the ingredients that “overlap,” list-making, and budgeting, all DONE, for just $1.49! The download buttons were easy to see, and all the pages downloaded without a problem. I’m looking over the directions now and the recipes look delicious. I might have to come back and get the video tutorial! Thank you, thank you!

  13. Susan says

    Seriously, you vegan people…. If you want a vegan recipe maybe you shouldn’t be looking at a recipe site that isn’t vegan? And then complaining that it isn’t vegan and doesn’t address your various allergies and food preferences? Does she need to put a disclaimer? These recipes are for people who eat meat and don’t have allergies…. If you don’t eat meat or if you have allergies to certain things, maybe these aren’t for you. If you can’t eat, like corn, maybe you can figure out a different ingredient, like say peas, that you could replace it with all by yourself.

    • Justin Hildebrand says

      Thank you Susan! I was thinking the same thing… Especially the corn comment?!? Peas, carrots, edamame, garbanzo beans…. Are people that incapable of thinking for themselves? And I agree that it would be nice to see these recipes for vegetarian diet but as a vegetarian it would seem that you could figure out how to insert say tofu, mushrooms, eggplant, sweet potatos, beans… into your recipes for the animal proteins that are listed. And let me just say thank you for all of the folks that find some personal flaw with what you have accomplished here.

    • Michelle says

      I agree. I freak at the thought of how much time, energy, and initiative it took to create these menus only to have them torn apart. “We are vegetarians, so can you please allocate another 20 hours or so of work to tweak them to my exact specifications and save me the hassle of doing this myself?” That is basically what they’re saying. This a primer, a guide, an EXAMPLE. Substitute as you need to all by yourself. If you are on a restricted diet by allergies or choice, you’re more educated on its specifics, anyway — do your OWN work.

  14. Li says

    What about factoring in the cost of the spices used in the recipes?!? All the recipes use spices, yet your total dollar count/shopping list doesn’t even include them. Kinda misleading, as they’re obviously an additional cost.

  15. Margie Morrissey says

    This is awesome – thank you so much for sharing your recipes with us .. and including the instructions for taking from freezer to put in crock pot when ready.. we are just two of us at home now, I’m going back to teaching in 2 1/2 weeks and my husband is just retired. I’m going to put these together for him to put in crock pot and I think I can likey make up the recipes and divide in half and have 40 recipes rather than 20… that’s a bonus..

    Thank you so much for doing the planning for us.. and for those with allergies etc.. you know what your child can and cannot eat.. make exchanges based on that!
    Bon Appetit everyone!!!

  16. Emma says

    Hi there I just purchased the $5 package but it won’t download/open on my Kindle. No computer. Could you email it to me? Thank you!!

  17. Brooke says

    Fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing! My husband is celiac and allergic to beef. Any recommendations for substituting the beef in the stew?

  18. Anne M Hughes says

    Hi Erin! This looks like a great way to do things for little to no large investment; and I thank you so much for that! That said, I’m clicking on the link for the Regular #1 plan and it comes up as $1.49 when I believe it says that it is $5.00. Also…. do I need to add the gluten free link when I buy the Regular #1 plan? Thanks! I can’t wait to get to gathering and bagging!

  19. Sydney says

    I noticed that you ask for a 12 pack of chicken stock. Costco sells Better than Boullion in a jar and it makes 19 quarts of broth and lasts in the fridge for over a year. I don’t remember the price, but it’s around $10 I believe. Plus it’s gluten free. I just thought it might be a bigger bang for your buck to add to your grocery list! They usually have veggie and beef broth too. And it takes up way less room that 12 boxes!

  20. Carolyn Hinkle says

    Hi Erin, I love this idea,but we are near Sam’s, not Costco. Do you know if these slow cooker meals can be replicated shopping at Sam’s?

    • Kim in AZ says

      Erin has several Sam’s Club shopping plans if you look on the right hand side of your screen. She also often will take the same list and price compare / adjust it to both warehouse stores if you give it a little time for that to happen (I think they usually are 2 weeks apart to allow time for visiting the other store). Or, you can take the list to Sam’s Club yourself and probably find almost the same ingredients with small price variations. :) We are members of both warehouses (Costco and Sam’s) and I compared one of the lists Erin had earlier and found them almost exact on pricing – just a few variations for region. Hope that helps!

  21. Crystal says

    I’d love to try your GF meal plan! I was curious to see what you recommend as a substitute for corn, I cannot eat it and I would love to know what you think would work instead? Thanks so much! Also, I am new to your site…..do you come up with different GF meal plans every month with different variations? Thanks so much! I will absolutely purchase a plan once I hear back from you! Excited to get started!

  22. Lenore says

    Are these heart healthy? My husband recently had a heart attack, and we also need to cut out the sodium. Would these meals be suitable for him?

  23. Jen Larson says

    Thank you so much for this! It looks super easy to follow and even though we aren’t Costco members, I’m sure Aldi is similar in pricing. I Will definitely keep a lookout for a vegetarian option, my BIL is GF and vegetarian and we would like to invite him over for dinner but I’m clueless when it comes to gluten and plant based diets!

  24. Rachal says

    Hey there. I know you’re getting tons of questions, but I have another for you. I am totally interested in this, but our daughter has a major corn allergy. I was wondering, do all or most of your meals have corn? I’d pay to download, it just would not make sense of we can’t use the recipes. Thank you in Arabs Wee for your time! :)

    • Kim in AZ says

      You can click on each recipe listed individually to see the details of each recipe. Then, if the lists suits your nutritional needs, you can buy the plan for the formatting and simplicity of everything on a few pages instead of separate links. You *do* have this option though to preview each recipe – just a few more clicks of your computer to open each recipe individually.

  25. Jael says

    I’m allergic to salt, pepper, work and onions. Do you have any suggestions for me? ha ha, just kidding. People are amazing!

    I am so impressed with the work you have done and the resources you are offering for free. $5 is so little to pay for so much of the time you have put into this. Everyone, take a chance and pay it! You probably spent that much on a Latte this morning!

    Have a great day and thanks again!

  26. Karen Jo Kolstee says

    Hi ! Love, love, love the quality work you put it to this. Purchased package #4 by paypal immediately and liked it so well that I went right back and purchased the Gluten free one as well as the Plan 1 and Plan 2. I printed out the gluten free pages but now I can’t figure out how to go back and find the plan 1 and plan 2. I then went back to paypal but it only has the receipt for payment but no way to print them out or even look at them. Please send me these by e-mail if you can as I have paid for them by paypal. Thank you so much !

  27. Rita says

    Can the cooking directions for each recipe be printed on Avery stickers? Do you know which one they would fit on?

  28. Karen Jo Kolstee says

    Oh No ! Please ignore my previous post…….Flipped over to my e-mail and there were the links for Plan1 and Plan 2. Duh here, Hope I am better in the kitchen than I am at the computer LOL. By the way have I somehow missed a Plan #3 ? Thank you again for putting the packet together. I know it will make my life easier !

  29. Dee Costa says

    Funny, I don’t see Erin getting twisted about the NUMEROUS requests for veggie/vegan meal plans…maybe we should let her speak for herself, hmmmmm?

  30. says

    Hey, just a note for those who are incensed at the many questions–

    Remember that not everyone grew up in a household where overall awareness of how to cook was a simple part of life; I know a lot of people who can only cook by following a recipe to the letter, and several more who only ever “cook” prepared foods or eat out. What to some is common sense, to others is this big hairy mystery. I also have friends/family who call me with questions like “omg, do I have to peel beets before I roast them?” because they think I’m the guru on this stuff–If I don’t know the answer off the top of my head, I quietly get on google while they are explaining the ins and outs of the question, and tell them what I found, and they go, “oh, thanks, that’s great!…hmm, guess I could have tried google first, sorry to bother you…”

    Internet crowd sourcing is a great way to get answers to questions, and I for one am glad people are asking the questions rather than ordering a pizza. Cooking can be so easy and frugal when you know what you’re doing, I’d love the world to ask as many “dumb” questions as it can think of, because it’s the best way to learn the overall theories that make the answers self-evident, you know? (And not everyone buys ridiculously pricey Starbucks coffee–not everyone can, and not everyone would want to even if they could.) No need to shame people for not being in the same place on the journey as you are.

    And I too think plant based plans would be an awesome idea–most vegans, I think, know how to do the necessary substitutions to turn veg into vegan (and if not, well, there’s Google), but the world as a whole could use to eat a little less meat, and I know I am always looking for things to slip by my meat loving spouse that won’t have him feeling all deprived by the absence of a big hunk of animal protein on the plate.:-)

    Great site, and really inspiring recipes! I’ll try some of these out as soon as we “eat down the freezer” enough to make room for them. :-) Thank you for all your work!

    • Amy says

      I just wanted to say that I love this comment. I feel bad for people that have to deal with their kids allergies and are just looking for suggestions that work in a recipe. Not all veggies taste good in all recipes. I mean I would hate grean beans in a tortilla soup and would probably sub a different type of canned beans (black, pinto or kidney) for the corn. But someone that hasn’t made recipes like this might not know that and are just trying to figure out what would taste good with the particular recipe. Or just putting out a cry for help.

  31. Jocelynn De Hart says

    Hi, i just downloaded what I thought were your gluten free recipes and unfortunately received a different meal plan is there any way you could email me the correct plan, thank you, J


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  3. […] Crock-pot freezer meals- I do not like to cook so my crock-pot is my friend. This little plan was a God-send since I found it right as I was moving in and changing jobs. It took me four hours instead of two since I still wasn’t sure where everything was in my kitchen! I also got my supplies from Sam’s. If you have a business membership, you can do all of your shopping on-line and they will pull it for you and have it waiting for you to pick up! (I don’t love to shop either.) We are still eating from the crock pot a couple of times a week. This is great for busy families and for single moms like me! […]

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