Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free Pancakes – Food Allergies on a Budget

Making gluten free anything can be tricky…especially when baking or making pancakes or waffles.  I have found that baking mini-muffins or mini-loaves when using gluten free flours works best.  I have also found that many gluten free pancakes are quite flat.

This batch was “medium flat.” Not quite as fluffy as regular wheat flour pancakes, but not flat and rubbery like other gluten free pancakes and mixes I’ve tried. Here’s what I did differently…I really whipped the batter each time I’d go to pour the pancakes onto the griddle.  I think that “aerating” the batter by whipping it hard helped give them a extra bit of fluff!

And I tried this batch with the free coconut milk that I got the other week. I’ve always used rice or almond milk…but I really like the coconut-y flavor of these pancakes.

I’m calling these a gluten free pancake success!


Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free Pancakes

Adapted from my “regular” pancake recipe…that’s housed in the overflowing recipe box in my brain



  • In a mixing bowl, whisk together the GF all purpose baking mix, the baking powder, salt and cinnamon.
  • In a separate mixing bowl, whisk together the egg, vanilla, melted margarine and coconut milk. Beat into the dry ingredients until batter forms.  Whisk well before pouring onto the griddle to aerate the batter.
  • Makes 12 4″ pancakes.
  • Serve with GFCFSF butter and maple syrup.
  • To freeze, cool completely before placing in plastic freezer baggies.

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I’ve baked with non cow beverage for 40 years. Used Silk brand coconut milk to make pumpkin muffins from a quick bread mix. S O Delicious brand coconut milk better. Silk had too intense flavor of coconut. First time use. $1.99 at Kroger. Walmart has SO Delicious ice cream in vanilla–chocolate too. Ice cream sandwiches although Publix is cheaper!

Those are your gfsfcf pancakes? Well by golly what a great success!!! I too try different brands of gfsf mixes trying to find something better than what I already tried.
Congrats to you for figuring it out!! Do you use any particuler baking mix?
I did realize that even less tasteful mixes taste much better when made into a Belgian waffle maker. You probably also know that the pancakes can make good bread. I do this sometimes because GF bread still gives me yeast headaches but the pancakes don’t since they don’t have yeast. 😀
THANKS for the new ideas to aerate and try coconut milk!!!

Erin, this recipe sounds so delicious, but I do have one question for you… Do you not find the Bob’s Red Mill all-purpose baking mix to be very bitter in flavor and odor? I have tried it in several recipes now – brownies, pancakes, muffins, and more – and they all come out with the same bitter taste and strong smell, so much so that I just threw the brownies out. 🙁 Thoughts??

The Bob’s Red Mill baking mix has bean in it, thus the bitter flavor. I couldn’t stand it. There are lot’s of different mixes that don’t have bean flour in them that don’t have that icky bitter bean taste!

What about separating the egg beating the white? I don’t have to worry about cooking gluten free, but my mom’s pancakes were always so flat – I didn’t realize the difference until I grew up and started cooking for my own family and the recipe actually states to beat the whites, then fold them into the batter. I’m amazed at the difference in the fluffiness!! And since I have to pull out all the extra equipment, I usually double or triple the recipe – then freeze the extras for quick, easy reheating in the pop-up toaster!!

I have had the same experience with Bob’s Red Mill flour. The only thing Ihave found that I can use it in in brownies. We don’t taste the bean flour as much in those. Would not use for anything else and I won’t buy any other flour mix with bean flour in it.

These were fabulous! I have been craving pancakes (regular fluffy wheat pancakes) and these more than did the trick! I found that once they were cooked there was no bitter taste from the flour at all just yummy fluffy pancake-y goodness. Thank you!!

Do you have a recommendation for egg replacer? I’ve tried chia seeds and flax seeds, but haven’t had luck with making breads that are efgfdfsf. advice is appreciated.

Tip or suggestion:

If you want to make it even healthier omit the baking powder (which is nasty for specific reasons), add 1/2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar, and separate the egg yolk from the egg white. Whip the egg white to firm peak and then fold into the batter after everything else is in the bowl. Before leavening agents whipped egg whites were the go to for making cakes rise!