Birthday Celebration Giveaways: The Winners!

What a week of Giveaways for the $5 Dinner Birthday Celebration we had last week!  There were over 40 winners from the last SIX giveaways and here they are:

Bake-Me-A-Wish Cakes Giveaway

Heidi says, “I subscribe to your feeds.”

Chris B. says, “I love boston cream pie!!”

Debra C. says, “My very favorite cake is Texas Sheet cake…so moist and delicious. and the icing is almost like fudge. Awesome!”

Susie says, “any cake with icing… yum.”

BrandyU says, “I subscribe via email!”

Complete Coupon Binder System Giveaway

Lori says, “I need this because I am so disorganized these days with everything, and I think this system is certainly better than the current way I am storing my coupons. Thanks!”

Diana says, “I just started couponing seriously and need something to help me get organized! Thanks!”

Mary S. says, “I need this because my coupon binder is a diaper wipes box. It’s irritating to take it to the store with me and I have missed some great deals because of not having it with me when I need it.”

Grilled Cheese Academy T-shirts from Wisconsin Cheese Giveaway

Rachel W. says, “Facebook fan.”

Sara says, “We LOVE goat cheese with honey!”

Barbara Y. says, “My favorite cheese is cheddar. My favorite quesadilla has grilled chicken, peppers and onions, and cheddar I enjoy your site and its information.”

Amanda B. says, “My favorite kind of quesadilla is cheese!”

Rebecca says, “I subscribe via email.”

Lisa says, “My favorite quesadilla that I make has roasted fresh corn, black beans, sauteed onions and garlic with either some shredded pepper jack cheese or Manchego cheese. Delish!”

Jenny says, “I love muenster cheese!”

Cathi C. says, “I am a FAN on Facebook too!”

Shannon says, “Feta is my fave followed by cheddar and provolone…sooo many choices! This would be the greatest win of all time!!! I looooooove grilled cheese!”

Amy says, “Jarlsberg cheese is my favorite.”

Your Money: The Missing Manual book Giveaway

Maria P. says, “I subscribe via email.”

de gasawa says, “I need more ideas for saving on everyday expenses. We seem to have all the big things covered now. Thanks!”

Elizabeth says, “I want to learn more about how to continue giving to at least some of the charities/ministries while still building up savings, paying off debt, etc.”

Tanya C. says, “I happily subscribe to your emails. I think I’ll check his out too.”

Holly says, “Paying off debt.”

Kellogg’s FiberPlus Gift Pack Giveway

Jessie C. says, “I don’t know the exact number of fiber that I need but I’m working on it. FiberPlus bar can help since it’s a to go snack that I can easily rely on.”

Jodi says, “25 grams per day? These look yummy!”

Becca B. says, “Let’s see,,,if I am suppose to get 25-30 grams daily of fiber, I MIGHT get half…maybe. :) I was getting more when I was actively doing WW because I needed the fiber to fill be up which probably explains why I still have unopened boxes of Fiber Plus bars in my pantry.”

Nancy C. says, “I don’t know exactly how much fiber you should be getting each day. I try to eat foods high in fiber, like whole grains and bananas. Being 30 weeks pregnant, I know it’s really important to have a fiber-rich diet, and winning one of the FiberPlus gift packs would be AWESOME!”

Samantha R. says, “I subscribe in google reader”

Janet F. says, “I like you on Facebook.”

Dana says, “I’m not sure how much fiber I’m supposed to get, but I do think I do better than the average person at eating high-fiber foods. I could always use some improvement, though! These bars would be a good start :)”

Carrie says, “I’m subscribed via Google reader…”

Allie Z. says, “I’m a follower on twitter!”

Candias says, “I am a facebook fan and email subscriber”

Julie R. says, “I receive your e-mails.”

Amy says, “umm, I don’t know how much fiber I should be getting. Hopefully I get about enough. We eat whole grains & lots of legumes.”

Wanda M. says, “following both on twitter.”

Megan says, “I was going to say 45 grams but it looks like I am high. I try to get enough by eating more whole grain, I am trying very hard to eat more whole wheat and exclusive to brown rice but this is a newer thing so I doubt I get it every day!”

Save-a-Lot Gift Card Giveaway

Steph says, “I follow on twitter”

Katie says, “I like you on Facebook.”

Dana says, “The best lunches are leftovers of homemade meals!”

Lori says, “Leftovers from the previous nights dinner which I heat up in the morning in a microwave thermos!”

Congratulations to all of the winners who have all been notified via email!  And, if you weren’t one of the lucky winners listed above, then don’t fret because we have another awesome giveaway this week for a Kitchen Aid Mixer!!! Good luck to all!


  1. says

    I would love to win the mixer to use as an incentive for people coming to our budgeting classes or food classes. We are a 100% volunteer organization who help individuals and families with their basic life needs.
    Thank you so much for your wonderful site!

  2. Mary E.S, says

    Thank you so much for picking me for the coupon binder.Now I will be able to carry my coupons with me and have them when I need them.

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