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Sara Lee Hamburger Buns

Sara Lee Hot Dog Buns

Planning on grilling this July 4th weekend…well, Sara Lee is here to save the day!

Let Sara Lee provide the buns to your July 4th BBQ!!!

5 lucky readers will win receive 1 package each of Sara Lee Wheat Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns!

Can’t figure out what to do with those leftover buns (because inevitably there are a few leftovers!)…

Sara Lee Chef Catherine DeOrio has incorporated Sara Lee Soft & Smooth Wheat Buns Made with Whole Grain into a variety of tips and ideas for any eating occasion:

Breakfast – French Toast Sticks
• Cut Sara Lee Soft & Smooth Wheat Hot Dog Buns Made with Whole Grain into quarters and then cut each piece in half along the perforated edge
• Dip in a vanilla egg custard and pan fry

Appetizer/Snack – Bruschetta
• Cut Sara Lee Soft & Smooth Wheat Hot Dog Buns Made with Whole Grain in half along the perforated edge
• Baste with olive oil and minced garlic and bake
• Top with diced tomatoes and basil

Lunch/Dinner – Mini Homemade Pizzas
• Use each half of Sara Lee Soft & Smooth Wheat Hamburger Buns Made with Whole Grain as the crust to your pizza
• Spread pizza sauce and sprinkle with oregano
• Top with mozzarella cheese and bake until cheese is melted

Dessert – Summer Pudding
• Make a berry compote using blackberries, raspberries and blueberries
• Layer Sara Lee Soft & Smooth Wheat Hamburger Buns Made with Whole Grain and the berry compote in a glass bowl
• Refrigerate until the juices from the berry compote have saturated the bread

Genius, Huh?

Giveaway Details

1. Contest ends Tuesday, June 30th at 5 pm EST.  Winners will be announced back here on this post, and notified via email.  Winners MUST replay within 24 hours so we can ensure delivery of your buns before Saturday!!!

2. Entry #1: Leave a comment just saying you want to win.

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4. Entry #3: In another separate comment, let me know your most creative use of leftover bread or buns!

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  1. Carmen says

    Leftover buns make great garlic bread. Spread some butter, sprinkle some garlic salt, and bake. Easy!!

  2. Dawn says

    I make garlic bread out of them.
    If I have hotdog buns, but am making hampurgers, I just shape the burgers long and narrow to fit the buns.

  3. Leslie says

    I would love to win these buns! I am a bread fanatic! I have lots
    of recipes I could use these buns for! Please!

  4. Suzanne High says

    I use leftover older breads as breadcrumbs for meatloaf, stuffing, garlic bread, and for croutons!

  5. Erin from Long Island says

    I use leftover buns for hot sandwiches
    first, i scoop out as much of the insides i can without tearing them.
    then, i fill with anything from cheese to veggies to leftovers to PB&J.
    then i close them up and heat them in a lightly greased pan til warm/melted

  6. mo ky fellow says

    My mom and dad had eight kids to feed. Most of the time it was biscuits or cornbread. However, at least once a week we had “Store bought light bread”. Since we lived on a farm we always had an old milk cow. Therefore we almost always had “Bread and Milk. Toast the bread in the oven (no toasters back then) cut it into squares of about one-inch, sprinkle a little surar on it in a bowl and pour on the milk……..Wow, homemade cereal!!! By the was, for you young’uns that was before and during WWII.

  7. Wilma Prochaska says

    I would love some Sara Lee Buns………….Thanks for giveaway and the tips for using up any leftover ones.

  8. Lorene says

    Wow…thanks for all of the wonderful recipes and now the chance to win something!! Please enter me in the contest!

  9. ella green says

    leftover buns usage ….

    grilled cheese- turn the buns inside out !
    we also do the roll the hamburger into logs for using leftover hotdog buns and ALWAYS good for garlic bread or “french bread” pizzas …

    we have leftover hotdog buns a lot bc my 3 year old dd augusta doesn’t eat buns just the hotdogs cut up lol .

  10. MichelleH says

    My husband loves PB&J in hot dog buns. I like a banana (fits perfectly) with a bit of yogurt and a drizzle of caramel syrup for a breakfast banana split. Leftover hamburger buns make great sunrise sammies – scrambled eggs, cheese, ham or turkey.

  11. Cynthia says

    We are newly addicted to bread cubes dipped in Hidden Valley Ranch dressing. Buns are quite easy to cut into cubes and enjoy this way. Much easier than trying to carve out bread cubes froma round bread bowl.

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