George Foreman Grill {Giveaway}

Quick and easy…that’s what I’m all about. And I love how the George Foreman Grill makes making dinner quick and easy. Quick cooking chicken, thin steaks, paninis, quesadillas and more!

I had an opportunity to give the Foreman grill a run for it’s money…and boy, did it come in handy! I was making the Not Quite CopyCat Penne Rustica dish and realized once I got started that I didn’t have any cooked/grilled chicken pieces in the freezer. (I usually try to keep a stash, so I can quickly make meals like this one!) GAH!

I remembered how quick the George Foreman Grill was from past experience, so I pulled it up onto the counter and cooked up some chicken while the shrimp simmered in the skillet on the stove. I could have cooked the chicken first and then added in the shrimp to the skillet when I was making a recipe, but I wasn’t thinking straight and didn’t plan out my “meal attack” very well when making this dish…so having the Foreman right there really helped me out!

And then came the clean-up. This model of the George Foreman Grill has “removable plates,” so the cleanup was a cinch. After dinner, the plates were nice and cool and we just ran them under the water with a sponge and let them dry. Easy-peasy.

(Over the winter months, if you find a great deal on chicken breasts, you could do some “batch grilling” inside on the Foreman grill!)

Anyhoo…you can see how it all played out in the kitchen…check out the video!

I love that I get to give away one of these gems to 1 of you this week! 

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1. Contest ends Monday, December 10th at 5 pm EST.

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  1. Jennifer G says

    I would have to say chicken on the grill is my favorite, just because it is so versatile with all the flavor directions you can take it!

  2. Patricia says

    Favorite food to grill – burgers – every one there is. I almost cry when the winter hits and its too cold to grill outside. There is a difference to grilled burgers and pan fried burgers and everyone in my family can tell.

    Great giveaway, very generous and thoughtful of you.


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