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Welcome to Grow. Eat. $ave. at $5 Dinners!

Check out the 2011 Schedule for Grow. Eat. $ave. vegetables and recipes!

Grow. Eat. $ave. will be your resource for what to do with all that delicious food you are growing in your garden!

Every 2 weeks I will post a recipe using the vegetable that’s on the schedule for that week.

So plan ahead and get your posts ready!!!

The Vegetable Schedule – From 2010

June 5th – Radishes

Braised Chicken with Radishes, Carrots and Peppers

June 19th – Yellow Summer Squash

Summer Squash Quesadillas

July 3rd – Lettuces and Greens

Linguini with Swiss Chard and Bacon

July 17th – Zucchini

Angel Hair with Julienne Zucchini and Garden Herbs

July 31st – Herbs

Freezing Fresh Herbs

August 14th – Tomatoes

Stuffed Tomatoes with Spicy Avocado Salad
Grilled Stuffed Orange Tomatoes with Black Olives and Provencal Goat Cheese

August 28th – Green Beans

Freezing, Picking and Sautéing Green Beans

September 11th – Cucumbers

Dressing Up Sliced Cucumbers

September 25th – Peppers – Bell, Cubanelle, Spicy Hot

Plus, The Correct Way to Cut a Green Pepper

October 9th – Eggplant

Eggplant Parmesan

October 23rd – Winter Squash – Butternut, Acorn, Pumpkin

Roasted Butternut Squash with Maple Pecan Topping

November 6th – Any and All Vegetables

Thanks for helping me create such a valuable resource for using the precious vegetables from your garden!

Now, get thee back out into the garden and water, or plant, or sow, or something!


  1. Geneva says

    I’m so excited about this! We are growing a huge garden this year & I would love to see some recipes for many of the items you have listed.


  2. says

    I just planted more radishes last week, about 10 small rows of them so I should have a lot to harvest right about that time 😉 I also planted radishes last month but not many came up, I’m having a problem with grubs too! But I did harvest 4 this weekend!

  3. says

    Love, Love, Love this new series- especially since I have been posting more of my garden updates and plan to start a new series of garden recipes! I will definitely be linking up and can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with! :) Thanks, Erin!

  4. Christine says

    I love this idea – but what about trying to grow vegetables throughout the winter months. Thats my goal this year – I want to produce enough vegetables and fruit all year so I don’t have to buy them at the grocery store.

  5. Jenna says

    Maybe, I’m a little lost, but I can’t seem to get to the posts from this page. Where do I find the recipes that have been submitted? We’ve got lots of radishes, and I’m looking forward to your ideas for how to serve them. Thanks.

  6. Irene D. says

    This recipe looks good. Our garden isn’t fairing all that well this year either. I live in Northeast NJ and it has just been too hot. I get plenty of flowers on my eggplants, peppers, etc, but then they fall off without maturing. Someone mentioned to me that if things cool off a little, the plants will start producing more veggies. The only thing that is doing well is my cherry tomato plant and my italian parsley. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  7. dcrowell says

    Are you planning on doing this again this year? I am trying to get my plans made for this year’s garden. Need to know in advance to budget for making my garden dreams come to be. Do you have any basic plans to share?

  8. says

    This looks like a lot of fun…but I will need to adjust the schedule for central Texas gardening. This place is a whole ‘nother country when it comes to gardening…LOL!

    Great site. Thanks for sharing.



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