Garden Marinara Sauce


1 onion
1 green pepper
5-6 medium ripe tomatoes
2 garlic cloves
10 basil leaves
4 parsley sprigs
1-2 Tbsp EVOO

1. Blend all ingredients in blender until chunky or pureed. I found that running the blender for about 15 seconds and then a few pulses did the trick.
2. Pour sauce from the blender into a saucepan or large skillet. Turn on medium heat and bring to bubbling. Cover and reduce heat to low. Let simmer 30 minutes – 2 hours, depending on how thick you prefer your sauce.
3. Serve with favorite pasta noodles, grated parmesan or shredded mozzarella cheese and side dish!

Also, I’ll be drying my basil leaves using this method by Stephanie at Keeper of the Home!


  1. says

    Yeah, I was wondering that too….’bout the EVOO. Just got back from out of state and found a book about “Backyard Homesteading”…can’t wait to get started! :)

  2. says

    I must watch too much Food Network because I knew what EVOO was right away! LOL
    Thanks for the recipe idea. I had never thought about putting it in the blender first. Did you remove the seeds first from the tomatoes?

  3. Whitney says

    Do you freeze it or can it? I would think freezing would be easier. Thanks for the recipe. I need to do this with some tomatoes before they are wasted!

  4. MH in OH says

    Thanks so much for all the gardening inspiration! I read Square Foot Gardening in the spring, but ended up only planting 3 tomato plants and some herbs. Those tomato plants are doing well, however, and today I made sauce from homegrown tomatoes for the first time ever. We aren’t big into green peppers or garlic, so I left those out, and simmered for 2 hours. The sauce turned out quite sweet, next time I will try to balance that. There WILL be a next time – I plan to freeze some for winter. Thanks!

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