Garden Harvest


An eggplant, more green beans and tomatoes, a few itty bitty onions and the cutest carrot I’ve ever seen!

I took a peek at the carrots…I was curious how long they were.  The bed is raised and only 6 inches deep, but I was curious as to how long they were up until now.  I’ll let the rest grow a bit more…the cook them up with a roast in the crockpot.  And likely eat a few raw as well!

The 5 green peppers are still growing strong, plus a few more hot peppers are sprouting…and there is an endless supply of tomatoes!  I love when the Hubs runs out to get one in the morning to slice for his sandwich/lunch!

What have you harvested this week?


  1. says

    Unfortunately my garden is quickly coming to an end. I pulled 5 tomatoes plants last week and today I pulled up the green beans. that leaves a few struggling cukes a few tomaotes plants with only a handful of tomatoes on them and 1 pepper plant. I did do a fall planting of peas and lettuce, but I am not getting anything yet. Just last week I thought for sure, I would harvest a lot into October, now I will be lucky to get 1 more week. Your veggies look great though.

  2. Sally says

    Great site… we are the opposite our tomtoes are struggling because we are still soooo hot here (AZ) … but they are still alive and hopefully will get a second harvest when it starts to cool down now. The only thing we are havesting now is our Japanese eggplant…. we have more than we can use… have tried all the old favorites .. now need some new ideas to use eggplants.

  3. Louise says

    All I ever get from my garden is tomatoes and beans. Had potatoes once without knowing it as they must have sprouted from the home rotted compost – just pulled the “weed” and got one heck of a surprise. My fruit trees do quite well though :-)

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