Blanching Vegetables

When 4 heads of broccoli only costs $.88, you have to buy more than you can eat that week! I did! I already had some in the fridge, and my MIL had some for me, but I couldn’t pass this one up! I can’t believe I am now stockpiling fresh vegetables!

So I blanched it and froze it! For great blanching instructions, click here.

Now I’ve got 4 meals worth of broccoli for way less than $2! Yeah!

Blanching Vegetables 1Broccoli that was steamed for 1-2 minutes. It just barely turned color!
Blanching Vegetables 2After blanching it in the ice water, I let it drain a minute in the strainer.
Blanching Vegetables 3I put it into 4 freezer bags, a meal’s worth into each bag!
I also got a great deal on celery…and seeing how it’s the start of soup season, I plan on freezing that too. Celery will be “mushy” upon thawing, but if you’re going to use it in a soup or stuffing, doesn’t matter! I plan to chop it and then freeze it in a Ziploc freezer baggie. You can freeze the stalk whole, but I don’t want to try to chop a mushy stalk!?!

Happy Blanching and Freezing!

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  1. Betsy says

    You can also freeze bell peppers simply by slicing them into strips–no blanching needed. A great way to stock up when produce hits rock bottom prices!

  2. Mrs. Querido says

    Awesome idea! Oh and thanks for dropping by and leaving such a sweet comment about my family (I love them and they are you enjoyed your “visit” :)

  3. jan says

    I’ve also shredded and frozen carrots and keep them to add to things like soup. I don’t always like to run into big hunks of carrot and this is perfect for split pea of lentil soup. Just toss in a scoop. It spreads out well.

  4. Stephanie says

    I’m planning on doing this with the carrots and onions I have in my pantry this week. I need to add it on my high priority list.

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