Frozen Banana Bites – Sweet Summer Treat

Frozen Banana Bites…A delightful sweet summer treat from (Never Home) Maker!


  1. says

    I love frozen bananas dipped in chocolate, and especially when rolled around in nuts! What a simple but great way to make them- this way, I can actually make it for a dinner party next time. I’ll just have a tray of already made choco-banana bites and just throw them out on the table after dinner. Thank you so much for the wonderful tip!

  2. Christy Jordan says

    You have just inspired me to make these and start cooking big batches of food ahead of time. I hate cooking, but i love feeding my family well and it’s just a huge chore on nights that we have extra homework that wasn’t expected or an emergency happens. I think i’m going to do this from now on!

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