CLOSED! Friday’s Breakfast and Lunch Cookbook Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed!

Winners are Andrea H. and Shannon S!!! Congrats to you both!

And don’t forget….there will be hourly giveaways on Monday…lots more chances to win a copy of the cookbook!!!

It’s the LAST DAY of the “Back to School Lunch Week” daily giveaways of my Breakfast and Lunch Cookbook! But don’t worry…there will be HOURLY giveaways on Monday…yes a giveaway, every hour!!!  Still plenty of chances to win!

This cookbook is filled with wonderful, delicious and easy recipes that will help you get your day started out on the right foot! Here are some of our favorites…



  • Curried Chicken Salad Sandwiches
  • Swiss Tuna Melts
  • Lasagna Roll-ups
  • Chuckwagon Chili

I’ll be giving away 2 copies each day this week…you can enter up to 3 times each day.  Please leave separate comments for your separate entries!

1. Contests will start and end at 7 am EST each day this week.

  • Entry #1: Leave a comment just sharing your biggest struggle with the lunch hour.
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  1. Ruth says

    I struggle with having to have sandwiches every day and something hand held – easy to eat for my husband that is a truck driver

  2. Menda says

    My biggest struggles are keeping things interesting and getting them ready in the time we have allotted in the mornings.

  3. Oona Plummer says

    Oooh, Oooh, Pick Me! Pick Me! I don’t think I can stand to look at another day of Mac n’ cheese, grilled cheese or PB n’ J…. :O

  4. Lydia says

    My biggest challenge is also variety. We get stuck in the same 3 or 4 things over and over, and get bored. Hubby is also a sheriffs deputy, so is on the road all day so he cant heat up leftovers ect.

  5. Heather Grant says

    My biggest lunch struggle is time! Second runner up is that I have 2 kids with food allergies/sensitivities so I often make multiple meals!

  6. Darcy Hemmingson says

    Being in a lunch rut – something new and different that everyone likes is always hard to come up with.

  7. Nichole says

    I feel like I make the same things everyday because I am crunched for time. I want to mix it up a little and feel good about what I am making for my family.

  8. Stephanie says

    I need help with having a variety of meals for my kids. Also coming up with something other than sandwiches or wraps for my daughter’s lunch box.

  9. says

    My two girls have different tastes for lunch, and since I am not there to see it eaten my struggle is to put food in the lunchboxes that they want to eat. Oh, and healthy and affordable! I thought I was doing good, only to find out that they had finally gotten bored with the selection, but had no ideas on what else they wanted, just something different.

  10. Sandy N says

    Biggest lunchtime struggle is to find something besides pb&j and chips to make. Everyday I ask what he wants for lunch, what kind of sandwich as well ad what to pack.

  11. Tara Hargrave says

    I am loving the organizing ideas posted on the site to make lunch easier. I try to organzie myself but it never sticks. It makes it hard on getting lunch ready. That is such a struggle.

  12. Cassie says

    My biggest struggle with lunch hour is just figuring out what we make. We end up in a rut and the kids get bored with the same old, same old.

  13. Jenni Martz says

    My biggest struggle with lunch time is just adding a variety of items for a 8 and 13 year old that they both will enjoy but at the same time keeping the price down.

  14. Karen Rivera says

    My biggest struggle at lunchtime is finding something to eat that sounds good, but doesn’t take a lot of work. If it’s too much work, sometimes I just skip lunch, which makes me hungrier at dinner :( My kids don’t mind sandwiches or leftovers, so I feed them, and don’t eat if nothing sounds good.

  15. Carey says

    Trying to get my carb-loving son to eat some fruits & veggies. My newest struggle will be what to send with him for lunch to his preschool. He’s gotten really used to a hot lunch.

  16. Jennifer Hunt says

    I became a fan on FB not too long ago to get some ideas that would work with our lives!!

    My biggest struggles during the lunch hour are my two picky eaters!! I go against all I believe and turn in to a short order cook and it drives me insane!! When this happens, I typically give up and head to get fast food because it seems easier… I need to break this habit for my children’s health and my own!

  17. Marcie says

    I have some fussy kids, a baby who will eat anything but isn’t big enough for a lot of things, and a husband who comes home for lunch and gets tired of sandwiches. I really should buy the book if I don’t win it one of these times!

  18. Shannon S says

    I struggle with finding healthy, fast, fun and yummy meals that my kids will enjoy. Since I have children to take to preschool, and sometimes get on the afternoon kindergarten bus, I need lunches that don’t require me to start making them as soon as I’m done cleaning up breakfast dishes.

  19. Adeline Jasinski says

    I struggle with getting my little one fed before naptime and coordinating that with big brother’s schedule.

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