Fresh Frozen Fruit

Throughout the summer months, I keep a “fresh frozen fruit” plastic container in my freezer.  I can just grab a handful of fresh fruit to throw into the blender for a refreshing smoothie.  When fresh fruit is priced at a certain point, I’ll buy lots of extras to stockpile and flash freeze.  Once frozen, they fresh frozen fruit ends up in the container above for smoothies.

I thought it prudent to share my stockpile prices for fresh fruit.  Anything at or below the prices listed are game for stockpiling:

  • Strawberries – $1.75/quart
  • Blueberries – $2/pint
  • Raspberries – $1/pkg
  • Blackberries – $1/pkg
  • Mangoes – $.50 each
  • Peaches – $1.50/3 lbs
  • Pineapple – $2
  • Cantaloupe – $1.50
  • Bananas – $.39/lb

For more on stockpiling fruit, check out how to freeze raspberries and blueberries. Same principle applies to all other fruit.  Cut and lay flat on a baking dish or baking sheet.  Freeze, then transfer to freezer plastic bag or plastic container.

In the later summer months, I hit the stockpiling hard so my fresh frozen fruit lasts long into the winter months!

Happy stockpiling of fresh fruits!!!

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