FREE FOR LIFE! Food on the Table Meal Planning Service – New Coupon Code for April!

Get Food on the Table, free for life!

Yep, that’s right…Just use the coupon code SPRINGFREE to take advantage of this deal!

This offer is for NEW Food On The Table users. You can sign up for unlimited meals each week for free. (It’s normally only 3 meals a week and you pay for the unlimited upgrade). With the coupon, you will not have to sign up for the unlimited upgrade, because you already got the upgrade by using the coupon code.

Happy Meal Planning!


    • TaMara says

      If you click the link on this page, right below the brown and yellow picture above, it should take you directly to the registration page. The coupon code should be prefilled, you just need to enter your email address.

  1. Alisamon says

    Great site! So helpful in planning meals with recipes, including my store’s sales and grocery list! I just joined with the code. Thanks for posting.

  2. Shannon S. says

    This is such a great offer. THANK YOU for offering it for free. I was just thinking that our family will have to make some huge changes after a recent change in our household income. FOOD IS EXPENSIVE! This is going to help me better plan, purchase and prepare my family meals. Thanks! God Bless You!

  3. Karrisa says

    Anyone else having trouble with this? I enter my email address and the coupon code and it just keeps saying Oops! Our servers are having a problem right now. Is it just me that’s having an issue, or are their servers just a bit overloaded right now?

      • Kim says

        Ok so I found the place to enter my billing if I understand this properly I don’t have to? But it says it is 9.95 a month…so since I am a new customer it is free? HELP please

  4. Karen says

    When I put the coupon code in it goes to a page that says “OOPPSS the milk has spilled. Be back soon.”I will keep trying.

  5. Dawn says

    Thanks! I entered my email and the coupon code on the front page, clicked sign up, and it didn’t ask me for credit card info. THEN I went to the Settings page and linked up my Facebook account. Worked like a dream! :)

  6. Chelsea says

    I signed up by linking it with my Facebook, and it didn’t ask me for a coupon code… BUT, when I go to the ‘Subscription’ tab, it gives me the options to pay monthly, annually, etc, AND says above the options ‘(we’ve applied promo code FEBFREE),’ and I was able to add 4 meals to next week’s plan without it attempting to charge me. I *THINK* this means that the code applied without issue… :)

  7. says

    Me too — I clicked and it took me to a flashing text site that told me I was a random winner:

    “Congratulations! You are the Ontario winner for February 12th. Please select a prize and enter your email on the next page to claim.”

    And told me to claim my ‘free iPad 2!!!’ — very spammy indeed. :S Maybe it’s just US?

  8. Karen L. Waddington says

    I signed up and put my email and coupon code febfree in. When I tried to add more than three meal items, it told me I needed to sign up and pay for one of the memberships.

    There is no place on the membership page to put a coupon code in. Help! Great sight, would love to use it.

    Thanks so much!


  9. Claire says

    The link now says “The Offer You’re Looking For Has Reached It’s Limit
    Or Is No Longer Available At This Time” BOO

  10. Lori says

    THANK YOU! I was so excited to get this coupon code! I love this website but hate paying for somebody to tell me what’s on sale and what I can fix with it.

  11. toni says

    Food on the Table link says no longer available…didn’t read that it was limited to size or registration time…do you think it will be available at a later date.

  12. JO R says

    the link didn’t work for I just went directly to the website and when signing up as new user used the above coupon code..then it worked….thanks..had been using a paid service..we’ll see if the free site is budget could use a break

  13. rachael says

    i clicked the link and it came up with a page saying i was the winner from Melbourne and then the page just took me back to this page

  14. Ashley S. says

    Sweet! Thank you, I signed up no problem and really love this site, and the fact that I can use the app :)

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