Food Photography Links and Tips

I don’t follow too many other food blogs.  Not sure exactly why. I just don’t.

But one thing I am interested in is food photography.  I really want you all to see the photos and think “Wow, that does look good…I’d like to try that meal!”

Part of the draw to food websites is the photography…so little by little, I’ve made some improvements around here.

While the equipment I have now is expensive, I believe it’s a worthy investment!

Here are a few links to some articles/sites that I have found helpful on my journey to better food photography!!!

Check them out and BE AWED and INSPIRED!!!


  1. Claire says

    If you want some more tips, Lolo, who writes, takes AMAZING pictures of her food. If you go to the About section, she has some info on her picture-taking.

  2. Kara says


    Your pictures have improved SO much since I started following your blog in April! They were great before, but now they are INCREDIBLE!!
    Your smoothie picture made me laugh, because I fixed smoothies for breakfast this morning that looked exactly like this one in and I had it in this very glass!! Great minds think alike—LOL!!
    Have a great time in the south! I’m just sad you’re not coming anywhere near me in Arkansas.


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