140 Food & Dish Labels from Vistaprint, just $3!

So some little birdie suggested to me that I use address labels for food storage labels.

Hello. Duh. GENIUS!!!

They are the perfect size…and have the sticky…and using the free offer from Vistaprint, you could get some for cheaper than you can make and print them yourself!!!

Here are some ways to use the address labels in your kitchen:

  • To label your own dishes that you use for sending meals to those in need.
  • To label the food that you are sending to someone in need of a home cooked meal.
  • Generic labels with spot for recipe name and date it was cooked.

You can get 140 free labels from Vistaprint right now, and just pay $3.03 for shipping.  (I told you it would still be cheaper than printing your own!)



  1. April says

    That’s a great idea…however I just ordered them with my son’s name on there to label all his school stuff because EVERYTHING needed his name, even each individual marker…some other little birdie told me that trick!!

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