Food Allergies on a Budget – Part 2

Welcome to the second (of probably 3) installment of the Food Allergies on a Budget series. In case you missed the grieving, list making and meal planning from part 1, here it is!  If you are not dealing with food allergies or intolerances, please share this with someone you know who is!

Today we will be talking about “allergy free food” coupons and deals…where to find them, and when!

“Allergy Free Food” Coupons

I do my best to highlight allergy free food coupons.  They are certainly fewer and further between, but they are out there!  You can find allergy free products on, Smart Source and Red Plum every now and again, and you can also find a number of gluten free and other allergy free foods on Mambo Sprouts.

The current coupons that I find are…

Most coupon websites are updated on a monthly basis, and sometimes the coupons will refresh and other times they will rotate off the website.  So if you see one you like, don’t hesitate to print them!

And please don’t forget that you can write directly to the manufacturers, requesting coupons for your favorite allergy free foods!  Many of these companies are smaller and can handle the requests in a timely manner.  I have done this a number of times, and have not been turned down once.

“Allergy Free Food” Deals

1. Amazon Deals app

I use the Amazon Deals (different from the Amazon app) app on my iPhone to alert me to the various lightning deals for products in the grocery department.

Here’s the skinny on Amazon deals.  Sometimes you will see an amazing price of organic baby food, or all natural fruit leather (2 examples for the very recent past), but that price gets gobbled up in minutes and then the deal is off and the price jumps back up closer to its retail price.  What I like about the lightning deals is that the deal price will stay the same for the full 3 hours of the deal.

I have been tracking the lightning deals for grocery products for several weeks and I’ve not seen one be fully claimed yet.  So there isn’t much need to be “lightning fast” with the food deals.

Every 8-10 days, Amazon Deals will feature a number of different allergy free food products.  Here is what I plan to do with the “hot deals” for these kinds of foods and ingredients…I will either share them here on $5 Dinners, or share them on the $5 Dinners Facebook page.  So if you deal with food allergies and aren’t hanging out with us over on Facebook, then now is the time to join us…you don’t want to miss out on the savings!

Also…searching online with Swagbucks is a great way to earn free Amazon credits.  If you find yourself starting to purchase allergy free foods from Amazon, then please jump on the Swagbucks bandwagon and you will spend way less on these otherwise expensive products!!!

2. Local Health Food Stores

My local health food store has the monthly specials listed on their website, and also some exclusive store coupons.   I can see that the Nature’s Path brand is still on sale for 45% off, which is perfect…as that’s Tyler favorite oat-free cereal.  If your store does not list these on their website, then don’t hesitate to ask the manager if he/she can provide you a list of the brands or product lines that you can expect to see on sale and when.

Exclusive Food Allergies on a Budget Updates

I am working on setting up a food allergies on a budget email newsletter that will give you updates for all the latest coupons, deals and recipes! Be on the lookout for that soon!

In part 3, we will talk about some of the practical changes that need to take place in the kitchen…that will get you on your way to spending less on “allergy free foods.” 

Coming soon to a budget food blog near you…hehe.


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    I’m glad you’re posting this series. It’s great to see the food allergy topic on mainstream blogs and sites. Ironically, I’m celebrating my own personal “Food Allergy Awareness Week” on my blog, lol:) In addition to what you’ve mentioned here, I’d say it’s important to just focus on foods that are naturally allergen-free (like rice, plain meat, olive oil, etc.) and mainstream foods that are allergen-free (for example, there are quite a few breakfast cereals that are rice or corn based and have no wheat or other top 8 allergens in them).

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