CLOSED! Folgers Coffee & Coffee Maker Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed…thanks for all your entries!

Winner is Virginia!!! Congrats to you!

They’ve been unveiled!

The brand new products from Folgers are coming hot off the coffee press…right to your grocery store shelf!  The Best Part of Wakin’ Up™ is about to get even better and Folgers® would like you to be one to know about their brand new products.

  • Folgers® Filter Packs
  • Folgers® Instant Single Serve Packets (shown above in Classic Roast and Classic Decaf)

That are sure to make your mornings a little smoother, a little brighter and a lot tastier!

Steve has been enjoying these new products immensely this week. (He is the resident coffee drinker.) He really likes the convenience of the filter packs…and the instant single serve packets with a little caramel syrup is a delightful way to start the day.

You’ll just have to try them yourself…and the best (and cheapest) way to do that is to win some samples…and a new coffee maker!!! Over the weekend, we’ll be giving away a gift basket to celebrate the premier of these new products!

The Folgers Product Premier gift basket ($250 value) includes:

  • Samples of two new Folgers products
  • Cuisinart Drip Coffee Maker
  • Travel Mug
  • Customized Boat Bag
  • Iced Coffee Recipe
  • Coffee Travel Case

They are also offering a coupons over on the Folgers Facebook page…while supplies last, so don’t delay in stopping over to get yours!

Contest Details

1. Contest ends Monday, August 29th at 5 pm EST. Winners will be announced back here on this post, and notified via email with further instructions.

2. Entry #1: Leave a comment answering the following: What enhancements would you make to your coffee routine that would make The Best Part of Wakin’ Up even better?

3. Entry #2: Like Folgers on Facebook.

4. Entry #3: Subscribe by email or in an RSS reader! Be sure to leave another comment for your third entry. :)

5. Winner will be selected by

*Disclosure: I did receive the same gift basket that is being offered in the giveaway.


  1. Amy says

    Having a coffee pot (with a timer) that actually works would totally enhance my morning! Mornings are crazy but a little piece of sanity would be coming downstairs to a freshly brewed pot of coffee waiting for me!!! Oh, and a touch of cinnamon in the grounds never hurt!

  2. Jan J. says

    I would get a nice big machine like this – mine only makes four cups and I drink leftovers iced with milk during the day but have to usually make another pot. I would also have a bigger mug if I could afford one right now – that little 8 oz just doesn’t get it LOL!

  3. michelle says

    Being able to set the coffee up the night prior to automatically brew at a specific time. I enjoy doing little things to make my boyfriend’s morning a little brighter.

  4. katklaw777 says

    It would really enhance my morning if someone else(hint, hint DH) would get up ands make the coffee for ME!!!
    Great giveaway, thanks!

  5. Stephanie says

    A new coffeemaker with a timer would make my mornings run more smoothly. What a great gift basket from Folgers!

  6. Amber Fish says

    A coffeemaker and matching mugs so my husband and I can share a few moments of time together before our three (almost four) princesses wake up! :)

  7. Jennifer Smith says

    Lately, with the heat, I’ve been making iced coffee. Double strength coffee, ice, milk, 2 Tbs. cocoa powder, 2 Tbs. sugar…..= take out coffee for pennies!!!

  8. Sandra Austin says

    Waking up isn’t something I usually want to do. Especially when I’m cozy in my bed! With the colder months approaching, I could use a hot pick me up in the morning to get me going because plain old instant coffee is just not cutting it! In these hard economic times, I’ve had to cut out some of my old addictions (Dunkin Donuts coffee being one of the biggest)! Having great coffee at home with a little chocolate flavoring sets me on the right track for my day!

  9. Tammy Barto says

    What enhancements would you make to your coffee routine that would make The Best Part of Wakin’ Up even better? A new coffee machine would certainly make mornings tastier.

  10. Therese.A says

    Having a coffeepot with a timer, so I could follow my nose to the kitchen like they do in the commercials…heaven!

  11. Terri says

    I already do get to enjoy that fresh coffee brewing smell as i wake up in the morning, and i love the first few sips of a hot fresh brewed cup of coffee on the weekend….my enhancement would be just to make that first hot fresh cup….stay hot for a little bit longer for me to enjoy the entire cup, like i enjoy the first couple of sips.

  12. Kim Mayfield says

    I need a coffeemaker that is automatic. I want it to be ready when i get up and not have to wait to make it. Also a fun coffee cup would be great!!!!

  13. Charlene Robinson says

    I like trying new coffees, sugar free syrups to add in, and flavored creamers. Would love to win!

  14. Karen B says

    I would have to get a new creamer with caramel or pumpkin. Please enter me in the contest for the coffee maker. Thanks!

  15. Shannon says

    Having a good coffee pot would make the Best Part of Waking Up even better as well as some quick options for when I am on the run from waking up late!!

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