Where to Find Coupons

(Before we go any further…the coupon above is just a sample image…it is not a current coupon.)

I’m often asked where I find the coupons that I post here…and the answer is simple. I have a few places that I look every few days to keep up with the latest printable coupons.

1. Coupons.com

2. Smart Source

3. Red Plum

4. My Coupon Database

5. Free Coupon Alerts

These are my go-to websites when it comes to finding new coupons!

Where do you look for new coupons?!


  1. says

    Thanks for sharing! I also print coupons from MyPoints. They have a lot of the same ones you find on Smartsource or Red Plum, but you get 10 points everytime you redeem a coupon. Those points add up fast and you can redeem them for giftcards!

  2. jackie says

    I love Free Coupon alerts a friend pointed me to that site last month. I also use Afullcup.com and even just use google and search for the coupons i am looking for this seems to work well also. Also dont forget Cellfire they allow you to add coupons to your grocery card.

  3. karen says

    when i’ve googled, i get random places that don’t have the coupon, just the brand name. OR its a spam/virus thing. very dangerous..

  4. jan says

    after letting me print coupons till recently, coupons,com, smartsource and redplum have decided I need to register again and are not letting me print. Safari quit on me and I’m now using firefox.

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